Organizing Events to Develop the Market in the African Space

3 years of amazing effort, an army of valor is being built by an unshaken. General and I must salute myself for this and similarly, I look forward to when I would have the perfect time to surf by sunrise, analyze in the afternoon, and plant by sunset without becoming just a surfer, analyst or farmer. Instead of a formal introduction, I want to share my shots, trials, and wins. In the past, I was pressed for time— thinking it determined my success but now; I’m even more pressed for real answers and knowledge.

Not that I was less smart but it is about conscious growth and wanting to deliver more value I always anticipate observing lessons from disruption. As the first Nigerian female to surf in Lagos, I initiated the use of social media to draw attention to a once-neglected beach.

Now, our surf corner has received over 1,000 paying guests in a 2-year space, while inspiring more females to surf with courage Innovation in and with technology told our story.

Frequently, I ask myself two questions and know the answers are purely experiential: I-Iow exactly are my peers reaching scale in a different ecosystem? What can I do to improve at helping businesses reach scale in their own ecosystem (that I have never experienced? It is interesting that ‘events’, a Canadian-based event management company approached me to analyze its business and develop a market in the African space. This was one of my early challenges that triggered the questions.

In 2016, I set up a very small business management practice Dzenetti to assist others who need to brew their ideas, craft strategies or locate test audiences.

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During these years, I noticed a pattern of requests on “Nkechi, please monetize this idea for us” or “How should I raise funds?” It prepared me to become more aware of gray areas in my knowledge of evaluating, financing, and really scaling these tech-based ideas. I have since been taking steps to boost my value and offerings (in both my entrepreneurship and corporate life as an Economist/Analyst) via online courses and now, an experiential Master in Business, Entrepreneurship, And Technology.

Owing it to my energy and cohesiveness, I also established Dzenetti Farms. A solo but exciting 6-acre plantain & vegetable journey, that took me from idea to crops & snacks in real markets. The impact of empowering a village through my project pleased me. The opportunity in this Masters’s program to collaborate and modify my idea into a digitized and sustainable able venture is thrilling. Overall, it is a captivating blend that keeps me enthusiastic about connecting markets- with its rich portfolio of diverse ideas and genuine support for talent while watching it blossom A school that listens to its community and strives to better satisfy them is a success story I want to be a part of. I also don’t want to be known by just a number in the world I want to be known as Nkechi Okonkwo, the catalyst.

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