Organization Topical PatternAudience analysis Due to the fact of

Audience analysis: Due to the fact of only having a audience composed of three adults, this makes me audience analysis a lot easier and can tailor my message for detailed. The audience is composed of three middle aged women. They all work in teaching online education. Two of the three are British and one is originally from South Africa. From this analysis I can see I will be presenting my speech to a well educated group of women that work in the online education field.

This will help my speech because I plan to talk on a topic involved in the digital world, so they will already have a strong understanding of digital.

Topic: I plan to form my speech on the career of a social media producer. Providing you are a social media producer for a christian organisation, you can use this career to unsure that all the advertisements/posts being generated by a organisation are emphasising christian values and creating engaging christian content to be put out to social media platforms.

General Goal: To inform the audience about a social media manager. I want to inform my audience about the social media producer job field and to show members how this vocation can serve as a platform for promoting faith and enthusiasm qualities that God values according to Scripture Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Let’s learn about the people behind the production of social media posts for organisations.

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My audience work majorly in the online environment so this would be something they are related to. I have been on social media platforms for over 5 years and have had expires on 10+ different kinds of platforms. I have also managed social media accounts that are used for promotion type posts and audience engagement. The career of a social media producer is great for those who are interested in a fast-paced and online work environment that can be tailored to engage others on social media platforms with God-given values, then this might be a career for you.

During this speech I will start by talking about how the career option is a great choice because of its growth and financial pay. I will also cover the ways that a social media producer is used to promote god-given values into the world of social media. Finally I will talk about the creative skills that social media producers have. Now you have a general idea of what I will be covering in this speech, let’s get into why being a social media producer is a great career choice. As this speech comes to a close, I hope you have been sufficiently informed on the career as asocial media producer as a great option if you like fast-paced, trending work, that is becoming more recognised because of its growth and stable pay aswell as the ability to promote god-given values into the world of social media through your creative skills. Ultimately, social media producers are gatekeepers to producing engaging content available worldwide to billions of users.

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