Challenging Mexican Family Stereotypes

. In “only daughter,” Sandra cisneros challenges social perceptions of traditional Mexican families. The common stereotype holds that sons are valuable because they are “allowed” to work and provide for their families, while women are “expected” to clean and cook all the time. Being an only child in a family with six sons “explains everything,” she writes, which cisneros means is hard because you are the only one in the family who is looked down upon, and all your brothers are considered more important in a Mexican family where sons are more useful than daughters.

They can find jobs to support their families, but their daughters should stay at home to cook and clean. Cisneros is the only child of a boy from Mexico. She often doesn’t play with her brothers because they are embarrassed to see her playing with girls. This loneliness and only-child status left cisneros thinking and embracing writing alone. Her father didn’t believe in the field.

If he wanted to see her daughter as a successful person, he wanted her to be an English teacher, but cisneros proved that her father had proved to him and society that women played in the world. This role is wrong. The conflict was resolved when her father asked if he could get more copies of the family members. This story is very important because it contains the information behind the book. It reveals an important problem with stereotypes in our society, and the author despises these judgments and expectations.

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She shows her readers that even if you are despised in society, whether you are a minority or behave like one, your true value will eventually be realized and people will appreciate and respect your identity. Finally, I recommend this article to anyone. Society should read this article so that they can understand cisneros’ view of society. Throughout the article, she talks about the hardships of being an “only child” and the confusion of being a minority. She stressed that she was confused about what she should do because of the pressure from her father/society. Speaking in the first person, she allows the reader to be her, to be brought into her shoes, which brings more personal experience, which means that the theme behind the story is likely to be very close to her. The article is full of examples of her attempts to overcome stereotypes and become her own. Obviously, she wants the world to know her story, and I support her.

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Challenging Mexican Family Stereotypes
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