One's passion can be anything that simultaneously motivates

One’s passion can be anything that simultaneously motivates them, challenges them and makes them who they are as a person today. Attaining knowledge through my religion helps my perspective on many serious issues in life. In addition, being self-confident makes me who I am as a person as it helps me feel in power over myself. Also, my family and friends motivate me to stay steady through situations in life with a smile upon my face. The three passions that value my life most are attaining knowledge through my religion, being confident and my friends and family.

To begin with, attaining knowledge through my religion has a strong significance to my life because my whole families belief in God is very strong, I grew up in a church household. Firstly, I believe that every individual should be well educated about the ongoing problems in today’s world related to religions. People believe different things and many switch religions due to them not being fully committed to one as they are unsure of the standards it holds for them.

I have been around Christianity my whole life and over the years, I have researched other religions to see the world from other perspectives, but I stayed within my religion as it was the only one that made clear sense to me. I always went back to the Bible when I needed help with situations in life and I always found peace through it from God. We should be taught about our religions because God listens to everyone’s prayers as we are his loved ones and it mentally prepares us for the little and big things that come our way.

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Secondly, my religion is a huge part of who I am today because it has created a vision for me. Reading parts of my Holy Bible has changed me so much as a person because I now have chosen to live by what God asks of me. I support every religion heavily and I believe every one of them should be equally respected because religion has a great meaning in my life. To finish off, religions makes many complexities easier for us. There are hundreds of questions that people have had in the past and it took scientists years to answer them but religious books like the Quran had the answers to them already. For example, the Quran says it is not safe to pray on your knees a certain amount of time before sunset and people always wondered why. Scientists investigated it and proved that at certain times, unsafe raises are being released from the ground which are not good for us so we should not pray at those times. Therefore, attaining knowledge through religion is a huge part of the young women I am today because it has impacted my life in a positive way.

To continue, being self-confident is a humongous part of the person I am today. Firstly, being confident has taught me the importance of my inner beauty, along with the outside as I started to love myself more and care about people’s opinions less. When I was younger, I was a very chubby child and I used to get made fun of for the way my physique looked. I started to stay within myself and I felt as I was the biggest child at school. It took a lot of comfort for me to realize that everyone was beautiful in their own unique way, but that was a highlight in my life because later on I started to play sports and that slimmed me down. Self made confidence very important and valuable to me. To add on, having self-confidence made me succeed and achieve a lot of the short-term goals I had set for myself. It made me want to go out and be productive and motivated me to go get a job to make my own money, and it also made me chase my dream and start to make music. Having confidence made my life so much easier since I felt free to do whatever my heart desired. I was not afraid of anyone’s opinion anymore as I realized none of those ignorant people were doing good in my life. I shut them out and continued to do my own thing until I was happy with myself person. Lastly, self-confidence helped me make the right decisions for myself because no one intimidated me anymore. Confidence gave me the freedom of aiming for my dreams and making the right decisions that will benefit me in the long run. People would always tell me that my goals were ridiculous and that I would never be able to go through with them, but I did. I started to value my needs and necessities which was only possible due to the self-confidence that I had gained. Self-confidence had a very special and valuable part in my daily life as it helps me get through situations.

Finally, my friends and family have made a huge impact on the Man I am today. They have ensured me success by giving me advice that went through my head and stuck by me for a long period of time, and I was able to use it in my rough times. I was always able to count on those people when I needed help. To continue, my family and friends have always been there to support me through my tough times and some were also supportive to my music. If I was left alone at those certain times when I really needed them, I would not have been able to handle those situations on my own. My family always showed up to support me with basketball to me doing my first live performance. Having someone there for you helps you become more confident and stable in life. Support is necessary, and it helps us humans in many different positive aspects. Lastly, the people close to you give you unconditional love and motivation no matter what you are doing. To know that you have someone to fall back on is an amazing feeling. They inspire and challenge you to become better as a person and seeing them happy makes me want to do even better in life because my family’s happiness is very crucially important to me.

In conclusion, the three passions that have the most value to my life are attaining knowledge through religion, being confident within myself and my friends and family. I believe learning about my religion had added severe values to my life and has changed the way I carry myself. Secondly, self-confidence has changed my character into being stronger and more powerful within myself. Finally, my friends and family have stood by me and supported me till I became the person I am today. Therefore, these three things are what I am most passionate about as they bring joy and happiness into my life.

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