One of the significant features of puberty is that the problems that

One of the significant features of puberty is that the problems that appear acquire an entirely different scale. Adolescents’ thinking mostly depends on the emotional state, so when emotions capture, leaving only black and white around. Teens are oblivious but, they tend to self-isolate because they assume that they are the only ones feeling anxious, ashamed, lonely, or angry, while other teenagers are feeling the same way. Some teenagers deal with emotions in various ways, whether it be sports, a part-time job, or a club.

The adolescent that dwells on the emotions and separates themselves from peers, family, and activities is the one who is more likely to develop depression or an unrealistic idea that they cannot solve their problems.

Often parents are guided by high standards, they demand that the teenager fulfill their expectations, so their child will be super successful. Parents expect perfection from their child, and when he feels that in reality teen does not meet these requirements, he blames himself for not being the way they want him to be.

It is on this base suicidal thoughts often appear.

Neither the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan nor other state bodies admit exams’ contribution to the increasing number of teen suicides. According to the chairman of the Monitoring Committee in the department of education and science of Kazakhstan Sayat Nusipov, it has never been proved that the suicide was due to UNT. I consider this a blatant lie, because I personally know teenagers who are on the edge emotionally and physically or even tried to commit suicide before the final exams.

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Some examples are: “A boy from Alma-Ata wrote in a suicide note: “Mom, I’m sorry, I did not pass the exam.” In Aktyubinsk, the girl committed suicide. In her note, she said: “I feel that I will not pass the exam. Without me it will be easier, and you do not need to take a loan.”– mentions Marianna Gurina, President of the Public Foundation for Education Issues.

In my opinion teenagers nowadays are more mature and conscious of consequences of their decisions, which means that reasons for suicide are just as serious and real as they should be. Cognitive and personality development and seeking independence are all-natural aspects of being a teenager, but when a teen sees no way out of their problems or negative emotions and when depression seeps in, important and life-saving measures can and should be made. However, the questions of why can never be answered for certain many factors can go into the reasoning for a teen taking their own life.

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