One of the Assyrian Laws That Influenced Assyrian Civilization

The people known as the Ancient Assyrian existed around the second millennium BCE to 612 BCE. They were originally from the kingdom of Assyria, which was in northern Mesopotamia. This area was one of the places where the civilization of the Assyrian community originated. Where people first began cultures such as writing, agriculture, and city building. The Assyrians create an empire from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. They dishonored the great city of Babylon and enslaved the tribes of Israel.

In this city, if you committed a crime and if it were proven then you will be punished by violence.

The six Babylonian kings Hammurabi or Assyrian law code made judgments on civil matters, family matters, sexual matters, slavery matters, heritage matters, and lots of other matters and made a lot of decisions. He decided to write them down so he can control his city and the people in it, there was his big idea. In this particular, we are going to evaluate one of the Assyrian laws between men and women, and how they were impacting civilization in Assyrian?

One of the laws made from Assyrian law: “A4 If a slave or slave-girl has received anything from a married woman, the slave(girl)’s nose and ears are to be cut off so that the theft will be avenged and the man shall cut off his wife’s ears.

But, if the man lets his wife off, and has not cut off her ears, the slave(girl) is not to lose nose or ears and the theft will not be avenged.

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” By reading this it concludes that it is a kinda cast system. It is depending on who you steal from or who you sleep with or who you kill that going to determine a punishment. There were defiantly three casts involved: ne slave, the second common people, and the third royal people. If you comminuted a crime against a royal people or any community, they will cut your nose and ear out as punishment. Cutting the nose and ear is very common in the Assyrian law code.

According to the Assyrian law code, there were some facts about Assyrian women; one: women’s legal rights are that women could not exercise much personal sovereignty in Assyrian. As society viewed women as their father’s daughter or their husband’s wife not as autonomous. Royal women who have powerful husbands may enjoy a greater degree of personal autonomy. But women would not have any right to their husband’s estate even though they vowed to be gathered. Women did not often work outside of the house unless they worked as tavern keepers. In Assyria, women were treated as property, not as humans.

Secondly, Assyrian women’s marriage life was very difficult, women were considered ready for a family arranged marriage as soon as they reached puberty. As law states Assyrian women did not marry individuals, for example: “The groom’s father can bride to one of the groom’s brothers in the event of the groom’s death or dissatisfaction with the marriage. The groom’s family paid a dowry in most marriages in Assyria.” As society viewed this as a payment for the groom’s right to the bride. The husband had the power to manage marital assets.

In conclusion, the Assyrian code includes many harsh punishments: sometimes demanding the remover of the guilty party’s tongue, hands, breasts, eye, or ear. Most of this law is civil law regarding crimes base laws, also include innocent to proven guilty and you can bribe the evidence to trial and you have to have someone to prove that you are not guilty, or if you were guilty. If you were unable to find any evidence, then you will be punished for a lie.

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