On Behalf Of The Blood Of Pierre Simenon Review

Topics: Nazi Germany

At the funeral of his mother Helen versa Antoine Demarsands back 34, a lawyer in California, to Geneva. Sister Sophie works at Sotheby’s, and brother Alexandre has increased in the Banker footsteps of the late Father Paul: He is manager of the private and family Demarsands Bank, Contie & Cie.

Just published a book of the renowned historian Professor François Bonnard. In it he attacked the Swiss banks, backers to have been the Nazis, participates in the war arms deal and to have made the SS thugs easy to bring looted property to safety.

Today are enormous treasures in the vaults lawfully entitled to the descendants of Holocaust victims.

In a letter addressed to the professor directly to the children of Paul Demarsands. In it he confronted with the claim that Father Paul personally Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering helped to have smuggled truckloads of Reich assets through secret channels over the border into Switzerland. Never has spoken in the House over Father Demarsands past, and so the charges meet the professor also Antoine totally unprepared.

His image of the father was always positive, and he can not imagine that he will be the son of a collaborator. But now but creep him strong doubts.

Alternately settled in the past (1945) and the present time (1997), Simenon developed his somewhat wooden action construct, but designed it by use of many traditional elements of tension, a cinematic action thriller.

After Antoine spoke with witnesses who those events appear to him in a new light. While he was obsessed conducts its investigations, it depends both the CIA at the heels, and on top of him chasing a killer.

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Den has it has a surviving Nazi criminals, the great interest that nothing is revealed, rushed to the neck.

No wonder that killed those parties, and in these circumstances, there’s no tomorrow. Even the Cordon highly trained security guards of Demarsands stands no chance on the hit list of a single fighter. But we guessed it: Antoine will survive as a shining hero the bloody battle of previously undiscovered Nazi war criminals is nailed down. All’s Well That Ends Well – and a tall black and white painting

The Nazi era, collaboration and blame the brave Confederates, the search of a son for the truth -., That comes to the issues of Pierre Simenon’s first novel, “in the name of the blood” (Mit support a purchase through this link my offer-danke!”

At the same time, one wonders whether the issues are not now in all media and text types mentioned . were treated extensively that Pierre Simenon (born in 1959 in Lausanne) it still selects the first subject has personal reasons Not only does his own vita parallels has to its protagonist; one also has his father – the crime-old master Georges Simenon. – is trying to hang close to the Nazis starts with his writers debut Pierre Simenon already his second career Previously, he was a financial analyst at a private bank in Geneva, then moved to California, where he worked until 1987 in Los Ang.. eles worked as a lawyer. After personal tragedies he longed for a break after a life change. Whether the son can come as an author from the shadow of his father? Difficult, because he will always have to face renewed comparisons.

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On Behalf Of The Blood Of Pierre Simenon Review
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