OL 125 Personal Leadership Reflection Template

This template can be customized to your own liking, but all sections are required in order for you to receive scores on the critical elements of your Final Project (Personal Leadership Reflection) Rubric. If you wish to use a modified template, please have your instructor approve an early draft.

Name: Stephen HagerStudent ID: 1480582Program(s) of Study (Major): Business Administration Anticipated Graduation Date: 2020SECTION I – Personality and Self-Concept

How you self yourself leads into how others will see you, so knowing about how yourself is a big part of leadership.

The more you understand yourself the better leader you can be. Over the course of this paper I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of my personality and how they are important and where I need to improve. First, I will discuss what I believe to be my strengths and how they are important towards being a great leader. One characteristic I consider a strength is my ambition.

This is important because if you have the drive, you can use that drive to drive and motivate others to complete a task and meet your goals. Another strength is I am able to diffuse situations and get to the problem. This is very important because when being a leader any problems that come up you need to address right away or else, they will continue to grow and they will become more difficult to handle. Thirdly, I am very reliable, which I feel is very important. As a leader your employees should be able to count on you to be there when they need help, so being reliable is extremely important.

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Secondly, I address my weaknesses and the areas that I should look to improve in. Your weaknesses can be hard to talk about because no one wants to admit what their weaknesses are. I feel that it is very important. One of my weaknesses is that when I am faced with a very difficult situation a freeze up and do not know what to do. In the work freezing up is not good because you don’t want to be dealing with something and then all of a sudden you freeze up and start panicking. Another weakness is that I am very lenient and not strict. Being lenient as a leader usually is a negative thing because you will not be able to direct people as well since you are a push over and tend not to argue and follow others. Thirdly, I am shy at first which can be a weakness. To be a leader you should be extremely outgoing and easy to talk to. My problem is I am outgoing but I am too shy to just walk up to someone and start talking to them. In conclusion, the strengths and weaknesses that make you up makes you, you. You should learn to embrace your weaknesses and thrive on your strengths. Also, you need to remember there will always be something you can improve on and nobody is perfect.

SECTION II – Human Interaction Skills

One skill I have is good communication. Communication is a very important skill to have in order to be an effective leader. If you are able to communicate with your employees, they will know exactly what they are expected to do and how you want them to do it. Communication has a positive impact on engagement and motivation, without it you will not be successful. In order to engage with someone, you need to be able to talk to people and get your point across. Likewise, if you are a good motivational speaker you can convince your employees they can do things they previously thought they were unable to accomplish. This skill directly influences positivity in the workplace by encouraging your employees and inspiring them to do great things.

The second skill I possess is the ability to resolve conflict. Its very important to resolve issues in the workplace. This has a positive effect on engagement because if you are able to resolve conflict your employees are more likely to come to you to help them with any issues they have. This in turn will positively affect productive since the faster problems are solved the faster, they can get back to work.

SECTION III – Personal Development Plan

My leadership philosophy is to be open for conversation and to motivate others. I want to be able to make the workplace an enjoyable environment to be in. A place where everyone can communicate with one another. I’m a motivational leader and want to inspire those that I work with and teach them better ways to work and handle problems. Being able to talk to people is key when being a leader.Goal #1: Working on communicating even better.What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal? Get myself out of my comfort zone and put myself in situations I wouldn’t normally do.What are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? Not having the courage to actually approach people.What is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? Hype myself up and build up my confidence.Goal #2: Be a better listener.What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal? Practice active listening by repeating back what people say to make sure I heard them correctly.What are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? Losing focus and spacing out.What is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? Actually, listen to the words they are saying.Goal #3: To get the career of my dreamsWhat are action steps I can take to achieve this goal? Get good greats and perfect my resumeWhat are potential obstacles I may face when working toward achieving this goal? Not enough jobs to go aroundWhat is my plan to overcome these potential obstacles? Be the best person for the job.

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