ogarithm was made by a Scottish Mathematicians name John Napier in

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ogarithm was made by a Scottish Mathematicians name John Napier in the year 1614.

He and another Mathematician name Joost Burgi thought of something to help calculate big

numbers. In 1614, John Napier published his first book about Logarithm called

“Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio”. Henry Briggs an English Mathematician read his

book,he thought of it really interesting. In the year 1615, Henry Briggs sended a letter to John

Napier about his Logarithm ideas, and he decided for them both to work or collaborate together,

John agreed. Henry Briggs traveled 400 miles to Henry Briggs so that they may be able to find

out more about Logarithm. Henry suggested that they create reference table with Logarithm

using a common base, base 10. Unfortunately, Nappier passed away, before they could rewrite

the tables, now Henry Briggs will do much of the work on his own. But then, the first table

common logarithm was soon compiled by Joost Burgi. Defining Logarithms as exponents was

recognized by John wallis in 1685, and later by Johann Bernoulli in 1694.

Some who were

involved in creating Logarithms was William Oughtred, and he invented the slide rule, which it

can help calculate Logarithms quicker. Johann Bernoulli realized that Logarithms could be

defined as exponents, and he’s part of inventing Logarithms too.

2 .What reason led them to invent Logarithms?

John Napier and Joost Burgi thought of ideas to help calculate big numbers, and so, they

thought of Logarithms. But Joost Burgi thought of calculating it in Geometric Approach, while

John thought of solving it in an Algebraic Approach.

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John Napier continued his study of

calculating numbers, and it led him to think much more like by helping Astronomers for solving.

He thought of his idea for helping Astronomers for shortcuts of solving what they needed to

solve for. Not only that but his inventions and his understanding led into making weapons for his

country, he thought of it very dangerous, and then he stopped creating weapons and didn’t let

anyone know. John and other Mathematicians made Logarithms to help us, and its really

interesting to know that.

3. Who were the Mathematicians responsible for adapting Logarithms into the system that we recognize today?

William Oughtred an Mathematician adapted Logarithms in modern days. Not only him but

also I think Johann Bernoulli also helped adapt Logarithms that we recognize today. Also there’s

this man name Leonhard Euler, and he’s one of them who adapted Logarithm that we recognize


*1.Find the applications of Logarithms in real-life that you find interest for each of the applications,include description of the applications,(What is it used for?)and reason for choosing that application.

I would prefer the Application of Logarithm Earthquake Intensity Measurement. This

application of Earthquake solving Logarithm helps record motions and calculate motions, they

use the Richter Scale, which is also the base-10 Logarithmic scale.They even use this method to

help with measuring Sound Intensity of earthquake whenever it happens. I find this Application

of Logarithm really interesting because they are using it to solve or expanding that more

knowledge on solving even much bigger situations that can or will happen in this world.

Logarithm Earthquake Intensity Measurement even helps them more for finding the

measurements quicker.

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