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odooo erp final report Paper

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TOC o “1-3” h z u ODOO ERP PAGEREF _Toc8568525 h 4About the company PAGEREF _Toc8568526 h 4Pricing PAGEREF _Toc8568527 h 4License- PAGEREF _Toc8568528 h 4Revenues and funding’s-The company generate revenue of $11.1M from funding’s of $10M. PAGEREF _Toc8568529 h 4Employees- PAGEREF _Toc8568530 h 4History PAGEREF _Toc8568531 h 6Customers PAGEREF _Toc8568532 h 7Customer services PAGEREF _Toc8568533 h 8Product overview PAGEREF _Toc8568534 h 9Products PAGEREF _Toc8568535 h 10New product to be launched PAGEREF _Toc8568536 h 11Competition PAGEREF _Toc8568537 h 12Key points that gives Odoo edge over other ERP systems- PAGEREF _Toc8568538 h 14Summary PAGEREF _Toc8568539 h 15References PAGEREF _Toc8568540 h 16

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ODOO ERPAbout the companyOdoo is a software development Belgium based organization that is privately owned by Fabien Pinckaers. Odoo is an open-source ERP providing both free and paid versions. Through its features and functionality, it can help organizations to grow by providing streamline processes and cut costs. There main goal is to provide the organizations with easy to use applications to expand their businesses. Odoo can be used by company of all sizes. It makes its modules considering a company is small, big or mid-market business.

PricingOdoo comes with a number of versions with different costs.

Free-It includes odoo community which comes with one basic plan to use one app for users less than 50. however, it can be used by number of users but that does not seem to be practical.

Online-Online version of odoo cost $25 per month and it is also for less than 50 users. Its services are provided by odoo itself using pay as you grow model.

Enterprise-This version also cost $25 but it for organizations having more than 500 users. In this case services are provided by the partner.

License-It is an open source software company.it means its codes to access the software’s are available freely and these can be redistributed and modified easily.

Revenues and funding’s-The company generate revenue of $11.1M from funding’s of $10M.Employees-At start of the business the company had only few employees but as the company grew the ratio of employees continued tp grow with time and now the company has more than 500 employees.



HistoryThe company Open ERP/ODOO was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. It is a Belgium based institution. Now he is CEO of the organization. He started this enterprise with an idea to change the world of enterprise business by building extraordinary products and services while competing with big brands like SAP.

So, he started to develop this open ERP software under the name Tiny ERP. He worked very hard for seven years to build this product. After running the business for three years he realized that a company like Tiny ERP cannot survive in the enterprise world full of Big ERP companies like SAP. So he changed the name of company from Tiny ERP to Open ERP.

Soon the organization started to develop dozens of software’s and modules for Open ERP. By 2010 the company had more than 100 employees selling services to its customers but with poor quality as they aimed more on delivering the product rather than concentrating on quality of its products.

The Open ERP/Odoo was earlier started as a service company but seeing the competition in market they decided to upgrade to a software developing company from service provider organization. To achieve the later goal, they had to stop their services and build networks to change its business model.

Than the struggle of few months paid them well as the company started to grow faster and better. They enhanced two main Departments-R&D and Sales. By, 2011 the company had a partner network with 500 partners in 100 countries. To achieve such great heights, they had to spend two million EUR in 18 months along with hard work.

It was also awarded as the fastest growing company of Belgium with 1549% growth of the turnover between 2007 and 2011 by Deloitte.

Than in 2014, the company broke the traditional ERP system boundaries which was restricted to only sales, accounting, inventory and procurements. They released version 8 with an awesome CMS & e-commerce, a Point of Sale, an integrated Business Intelligence engine and much more. The new and renovating software released by Odoo helped the company to top the competitors chart. But the company was still lacking in marketing and sales. So in May 2014 the company was renamed as Odoo from open ERP to determine that company is not limited to ERP functions but to marketing and sales as well.

With each passing years the company grew so big that:

It had 1000 installations per day with 60 new modules released every month.

Toped SAP for the big analysts.

Today, the company serves more than 4 million users with 1350 partners

It is translated in over 32 languages in over 120 countriesCustomersThe target market of Odoo ERP is businesses of all sizes whether small or big. Underneath are some of the customers of the company-



Soft Iron

Lumos Solar


Alta Motors

Open ware

CSC Scientific

Vino share Company

The odoo has expanded its business in china also and has targeted small businesses who are in need of ERP systems.to do so the odoo has joined hands with a Chinese cloud computing firm.

The main aim of odoo is to become number one cloud ERP for small businesses in china by focusing on marketing and sales.

The market focus of the company can be seen in pictures above.


Customer servicesA number of services can be found on Odoo web page so that customers can learn to install and use its modules. These services include online training or educational material, videos, user documentation and a free trial for the users to test the software.

If customers buy a standard software than functional support can be provided to the user through email for bug fixing and other standard features.

The customers who buy success packages gets support from the company via consultation or support in person or through email or live chat. These services are only available for 5 days a week.

Along with above customer service features customers can submit query tickets on their websites or they can find answers or ask question on the company community forum for their issues.

Customers can also get paid software training depending on the size and type of training they want.

Product overviewOdoo is an open-source suite that covers all the needs of a business. It is an Enterprise resource planning and management (ERP) software made up of an integrated modules of business modules, including customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing and purchasing. These modules aim to efficiently and seamlessly communicate with each other to exchange information.

Odoo comprises of 30 main modules that are updated frequently along with 100 applications which are available in its app store. Because of its open source it can be used by businesses of all sizes. Also it can found in the cloud or on premise with highly customizable software. According to the requirements of the organization the developers can modify the modules by accessing the code.

Odoo is mainly available in two versions-

Odoo community(free)-Odoo gets support from odoo community association which is a free, non-profit to support and grow the wide spread use of odoo and its services. This community provides online demos, downloads and help desk but all these resources are limited for free customers.

Odoo enterprise(paid)-Odoo enterprise cannot be called an open source as codes cannot be accessed easily. Only a Odoo or its partners can provide access to Odoo enterprise.it can be said Odoo community with additional functions.it can also be easily adapted on phones, tablet or notebook. however, Odoo community lacks this feature.

ProductsThere are many areas that are covered by the Odoo which are as follows:

CRM- CRM help in making tasks such as communication, assignment, identification, prioritization, case resolution and notification more easy. Odoo provides tips and best practices to its customers to strategically configure and use their CRM. Its mobile user interface can even be used without a network connection.

Warehouse Management-Multiple warehouses and structured stock locations are supported by Odoo. Inbound, outbound and stock locations can be identified for each warehouse.

Project management-Odoo provides the tools to handle multi-level sub-projects, to inform customers via e-mail, to control tasks and to categories assigned duties. It also helps to manage tasks and projects of the company without any limitation.

Point of sale (POS)-All point of sales operations like sales, inventory, cash registry and invoicing can be easily managed by this module of Odoo.

Sales management-This module helps in managing and classifying sales order in an organized and structured manner. New orders can be created easily and old orders can be reviewed in their various phases. Delivery of goods and invoices can be triggered automatically after confirmation.

Manufacturing-This module help to manage the manufacturing operations with multi-level BoM, routings and work orders. Work orders can be tracked.

Accounting-This is the key module of Odoo. It offers general ledger, cost accounting, tax management, debits and credits, invoicing and statement management.

Purchase Management-Suppliers information can be automatically converted into purchase orders. Invoice and receipts can be tracked and monitored easily.

New product to be launchedOdoo V13

Odoo is launching its new software odoo13 which like every other new software comes with new and better features than the past. The product is set to be launched in October 2019.the new version is said to come with following features-

In app purchases-By services in OdooOCR (object character recognition)-Scan and automatically record documents

Introduction to odd bank-To lend cash

Accountant as Odoo Services-Find Odoo accountant easily

Integration with recruitment Portals-Job and post made possible with one click

Internet of things-To connect LOT devices to OdooTrack position-To track down valuable assets and fleet

Industry Focus-Tailor your solution to industry needs

Stock management-To track quantities to never run out of stock

List view Improvements-New look for the list or tree view along with custom buttons

Addition pf HR skills Module-To manage skills along with human resource

Community addition to give sales boost-sales coupon and promotion module

New search panel-To save time of employers

CompetitionOdoo has grown to be a very powerful software development company from a tiny ERP organization over a decade. Thus has increased the competition for the company in enterprise world. Now Odoo is in competition with some top ERP development companies. Underneath are some of the competitors of the Odoo because of their wide use as a ERP system-


ODOO 500 $11.1


OUTSYSTEMS 748 $109.2M

PENTAHO 246 $85.3M


Other competitos include-





The biggest competition considered by Odoo is SAP. The founder of the company has also accepted the fact that he started this company considering SAP as its competition and to defeat the SAP in enterprise world. He even bought the IamsorrySAP.com when he started the company in 2005.

SAP is a large, successful and growing company yet the company failed to provide proper tools to millions of small and medium sized organizations across the globe.

Odoo on other hand with its open ERP has provided access and tools to all kinds of companies big or small to run their businesses successfully.

In the picture shown below the major points of differences between Odoo and SAP can be found which made Odoo overlap SAP in this business.

914400914400 ODOO VS SAP

Key points that gives Odoo edge over other ERP systems-It is an open source software provider

No license required

The products are very flexible and easy to use

The products are scalable means changes can be made according to the needs of the customers

Application are ready made to be used by the customers

It has global recognition and support all around the globe because of the vase network

The products are of proven quality

It is user friendly as it is easy to use

The technology is up to date and the modules are updated regularly

It Is highly modular meaning the programs operate independently

It has less implementation time

Offers a free trial for the customers

Third party apps are also available

SummaryOdoo started as tiny ERP in 2005.The founder started the company with a view to change the enterprise the world. Initial years of business were a little tough for the organization. They had limited number of employees and no money to pay the employees. Soon with new and innovative ideas the company started to grow rapidly. The company was also ranked as number one growing organization in Belgium between 2007-2011.The open source software developed by the company gave it competitive edge over other ERP software development companies. They provide products to deal with all sort of business operation from accounting to ware house management and customer and employee management. The company provides services to all sort of organization irrespective of their size. Now, the company has a world recognition and networks in 100+ countries with 4 million users. The average growth rate of the company was 69% over a decade with 38M revenues. In 2019 the company is coming with Odoo V13 with ne

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