Christopher MacCandles oncesaid ‘’The joysof life comes from the encounter with new experience and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizons foreach day to have a new and differentsun’’,Into The W ild(1996), itisfrom this spiritI have developed a desire to apply for Fulbrightprogram because my success in this program will not only cover up my interest of deepening the knowledge of English language and broadening understanding of American culture but also willbe my firsttime inU.

S because I have never been there before,therefore it will be my finest move towards international exposure, The reason am really excited about the FLTA peogram is a clear match to my goals since I seek to expand my knowledge in English language, professional teaching and learning cultures from an internationalpointofview.Through my studiesIhave acquired the necessary skillssome of them includes language teaching skills,comprehensive written and spoken skills and experience in working with young people that make me belieave thatIcan fitwellin the intended goalsofthe program.

Igraduated from high schoolin 2015 and did wellin my exams with 3.3 GPA that was enough qualification for me to apply at the University of DaresSalaam,the best public university in Tanzania to pursue my undergraduate studies. My long term aspiration is to continue studying to highest levels of Ph.D degree taking linguistics a foremost area of my studies, my interest in linguistics comes from the desire to comprehend English language atthe bestlevels and in the process to understand more aboutmy language and other languages atthe globalsociety.

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My ultimate goal is to teach and expand the knowledge of English to Tanzania population therefore I seek to excel more in the field so thatIcan contribute the bestoutofit.So farTanzania is a multculturalcommunity having more than 120 ethinic languages perhaps English is still considered a prestigious language,more recently this has further enhenced my desire to study thislanguage in broad levelsand build up my ablility to dispatch the knowledge to others.Soon in the coming two months i will be completing my B.A with education majoring in linguistics and literature,as an intern I havebeen teaching various schools here in Tanzania this has helped me to become familiar with the challenges faced by English language teachers,for-instance I remember the firsttime in class atEckernforde schools one ofmy studenthad once been living in the U.S,itwas a very challenge for

me to catch up with him,I had to listen over and over again to comprehend whathe used to say,itwas justbecause ofthe pronunciation and this challenge spoken outmy weakness. Therefore I look forward with eager anticipation to full learn the language whereby grammar and phonology willbe the mostimportantpartof my study.In fact learning English in Tanzania is of great struggle just because it lacks enough knowledgeable teachers who are proficient in facilitating the required knowledge to produce students with a finest mastery in English language therefore I consider myself very fortune to excelin this program because itwillbe the golden chance for me to deepen my experience in English language and will add on my ability to improve English teaching and learning in my home country.I look forward to helping English learnersin Tanzania achieve theirgoalofbecoming competentin the language. Fulbrightprogram willbe the rightplatform forme to realize my long term goal of becoming the proficient English speaker and an assistantship in teaching Swahili in U.S willrefine and develop my skills in language teaching notonly thatbutalso being in the U.S forthe firsttime willbe the bestadventure everin my life history to access being in such a big state with culturaldiversity and allthe amazing myths Ihave ever heared aboutit,interacting with new culture and new people willteach me a lot.This program will also be the best foundation that will provide me a great opportunity to change as a person widening my integrity and professionalism, inturn I will bring changesin English language learning and teaching in my home country. Through Fulbright program I plan toassist and contribute best knowledge of Swahililanguage and express wellTanzanian culture in any of the US universities and places where I will be allocated while interacting with maturity, integrity and professionalism, in the process I hope to gain adequate knowledge about American culture and precisely be able to share my culture for Americans to understand itbetter. In the U.S I believe I willbe able to contribute as much as possible to your research community and the diversity ofthe university,learning from peers,professors as wellas the area itself,Iwillwork upon combining learning and teaching,assisting professors at the hostuniversity to fullutilize whateverisexpected from me. Itis my greathope thatI willbe able to excelin your program because my field of study has prepared me to and the program goal matches with my goals and desires of sharing my skills and learn from the process, therefore I look forward to receiving the knowledge thatwillbuild up my ultimate academic foundation so thatIcan contribute as much as required in the globalsociety.My dream is to return to Tanzania

with a broad knowledge Ihave neverhad outofbooks notonly aboutEnglish language butalso learning American culture as a whole willbe an added advantage while sharing my culture will remain the most significant part of this experience. Finally this summarises McCandles words that it will be from this encounter with new experience my happinesswillmaximize.Ithank you for considering my application.

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