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Nursing Research: Literature Reviews and Theoretical Frameworks Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Literature

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What is a literature review?
A literature review is the organized critique of the important scholarly literature that supports the study.

Where is the literature review in the study?
The literature review is the first part in the introduction after the abstract of the study.

What is the overall purpose of a review of literature?
The purpose of a review of literature is to present a strong knowledge base for the conduct of the research project as well as directing the planning and execution of the study

What do gaps in current research signify?
Gaps in current research signifies areas of needed change and an increased awareness of practice will assist in focusing the research.

What does a gap equal?
A need for more research

When did we start using electronic databases to look up literature sources?
In the 1980’s

What are three reputable nursing electronic databases?
1. CINHAL (1982-present)
2. MEDLINE (1966-present)
3. PubMed (govt. site)

How many types of literature review should be used?
At least 2 recommended, that go back 5 years, but some may go back 10 years

What does CINHAL stand for?
Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature

*Number 1 choice for nursing research
*Draws from many disciplines

What are the ways to classify evidence in the literature?
Theoretical vs. Empirical
Primary vs. Secondary
Peer reviewed vs. Non peer reviewed
Scholarly, trade or popular

What are theoretical sources?
Theoretical sources are knowledge based on established theory

What are empirical sources?
Empirical sources are knowledge based on research

What are primary sources?
Primary sources are written by the person who conducted the study and are the main types of source utilized in literature review

Can be empirical or theoretical sources.

What are secondary sources?
Secondary sources are written by someone other than the original author and are used sparingly in research papers

What is an example of a unpublished primary and secondary source?
An example of an unpublished source is a dissertation written up by a phd student that is reviewed by board of professors and stays in the library’s archives, but isn’t necessarily published.

*What is the ANA?
The American Nurses Association

What are peer reviewed sources?
Peer reviewed sources are journals which have panels of internal and external reviewers who review submitted manuscripts for publication

What is an example of an internal panel reviewer?
An internal panel reviewer is a person who is employed by the journal doing the review.

What is judged in a peer review?
1. Subject significance
2. Methods
3. Conclusions

How is scholarly literature reviewed?
Scholarly literature is written and edited by professionals in the discipline

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*is peer reviewed

What is scholarly, database/research literature?
Scholarly database/research literature is a report of an original research study by the researcher who conducted the study

What is scholarly, theoretical/conceptual literature?
Scholarly, theoretical/conceptual literature is articles that comprise a theory or a discussion of a particular concept, theory or topic

What is trade literature?
Trade literature is written for professionals within a discipline but in a more casual tone

What is popular literature?
Popular literature informs or entertains the general public (e.g. magazine)

What types of sources are scholarly data-base/research literature?
Scholarly data-base/research literature are primary sources

Where is scholarly data-base/research literature found?
Scholarly data-base/research literature is found in journals as opposed to textbooks.

*This type of literature would already be old by the time it took to get to the publisher (2-3 years)

What is another name for scholarly theoretical/conceptual literature?
Another name for scholarly theoretical/conceptual literature is analysis reviews

Where do you find scholarly theoretical/conceptual literature?
Scholarly theoretical/conceptual literature are found in books, chapters of books or journal articles

What kind of sources are scholarly theoretical/conceptual literature?
Can be primary or secondary sources

*You use secondary sources because most primary source authors are dead

What are four different types of reviews of literature?
1. Narrative-subjective
2. Integrative
3. Meta-Analysis **
4. Systematic Review**

What is a narrative-subjective review of literature?
A narrative-subjective review of literature is when the writer is not particularly concerned with varying research methods, designs or settings

What is an integrative review of literature?
An integrative review of literature is a standardized system for review with writer synthesizing published studies and articles without regard for whether they use same design or methods

What is meta-analysis review of literature? **
A meta-analysis review of literature is when the writer combines similar or identical results of studies to statistically estimate effects of proposed interventions

*(Quantitative Research)

What composes a systematic review of literature? **
A systematic review of literature is a combination of narrative-subjective, integrative, and meta-analysis

* Can combine qualitative and quantitative research

What is a systematic review of literature?
A systematic review of literature is a type of literature review usually used to offer clinicians the best available evidence to make sound judgments related to patient care

What are two types of systematic reviews?
Qualitative-does not use statistical analysis–instead use the human experience; “How does it feel”
Quantitative-uses statistical analysis and are referred to as meta-analyses or quantitative systematic reviews when 2 or more studies are combined.

What is an example of systematic reviews of literature?
Cochrane reviews

What do BSN nurses need to know with literature review?
1. Need to be able to effectively retrieve information from electronic databases (SKILL)
2. Need to be able to critically evaluate data based and conceptual material
3. Need to be able to synthesize critically evaluated literature for use in practice thus linking theory, education, research and practice

_____, ______, ______, and ______ ALL go together
Theory, education, research, practice

Magnet hospitals do what for research?
Allow for a clinical ladder to be achieved

What 2 kinds of research is there for consumers of research to review?
Academic and Clinical/Professional

What are academic literature reviews?
The development of academic papers

What are literature review examples of the academic nature?
PowerPoint presentations and oral presentations

What are clinical/professional literature reviews?
Clinical/professional literature reviews are implemented research based on nursing interventions develop

What are examples of clinical/professional literature reviews?
Implement and evaluate QA, CPI or TQM projects related to patient outcome data

What is QA?
Quality Assurance

What is CPI?
Continuous performance improvements

What is TQM?
Total quality management

What are 5 levels of Collaboration in nursing practice?
1. Individual nurse
2. Organization
3. Regional (RRC’s of Excellence, CINHAL, Librarians)
4. National (AHRQ, NGC, NINR, Speciality societies)
5. International (Cochran Collaborations, STTI)

What is the idea of collaboration in nursing practice in terms of sources and research?
The idea is to use evidence through collaboration to promote excellence in nursing practice

What are examples of regional collaborations of nursing practice?
University of Iowa librarians do something

What are examples of national collaborations of nursing practice?
Special society; oncology nurses or pain management societies

What are examples of international collaborations of nursing practice?
Joanna Briggs, Sigma Theta Tau

____, ____, and ____ are all linked and help each other out?
Theory, research and practice

What is a theory model? (Framework)
A theory model is a structure of concepts and/or statements linked through propositions (statements about relationships between 2 or more concepts) that provide a view of a phenomenon and can be used to describe, explain, predict and control the phenomenon.

**Hard sciences deals with a theoretical basis

What is a conceptual model? (Framework)
A conceptual model explains a phenomenon of interest utilizing assumptions and reflecting a philosophical stance; similar to theory but more abstract and generally not considered testable through research

**Deal with people, as nurses, we use a conceptual model–> more of an applied science

***Not testable

What is the set going from general to specific, on abstraction?
Concepts–>Conceptual Model–>Frameworks/theories–> Worldview

What are concepts?
Concepts are an image or symbolic representation of an abstract idea

Basic element of a theory

Empirical factors/things we can observe

What is a conceptual definition?
Conceptual definition is the general meaning of the concept as well as its meaning n the theoretical literature

**Written in words

What is the operational definition of concepts?
The operational definition of concepts is how the concept will be measured (ex. the instruments that will be used to capture the concept)

**Written in numbers

What is an example of operational definition of concepts?
Asking someone their pain level=operationalized their pain

What is a model?
A model is the symbolic representation of a set of concepts

It connects the concepts

**Here are the concepts and this is how they are related

What is a theory?
A theory s a set of interrelated concepts that structure a systematic review of phenomena for the purpose of explaining or predicting

A theory depicts both the ______ that compromise it and how they are related in a ______ ___ or ____
concepts, conceptual map or model

What are the three levels of theory based on the degree of abstraction?
1. Practice or intervention
2. Middle range
3. Grand nursing theory

What is the Practice or Intervention Theory?
The practice/intervention theory is the linking of concrete concepts into a statement that can be examined in practice and research.

What are practice/intervention theories designed to do?
They are designed to theoretically propose specific approaches to particular nursing practice situations

What is an example of practice/intervention theory?
The effect of health care professionals on patient BP (white coat syndrome)

What is the Middle Range Nursing Theory?
The middle range nursing theory is a focused conceptual structure that synthesizes practice-research into ideas central to the discipline of nursing; less abstract and narrower in scope than conceptual models.

How many mid range theories are there in nursing?

What is the Grand Nursing Theory?
The grand nursing theory is a broad scope view on person, health, and environment.

Plays a role in defining our practice today and in the future

What are examples of Grand Nursing Theory?
Roger’s science of unitary beings
Orem’s self care deficit theory
Roy’s adaptation theory
Newman’s theory of health as expanding consciousness

What is inductive reasoning?
Inductive reasoning is when you go from specific to general

What is inductive reasoning the basis of? (kind of research)
Qualitative research

Begin where participants are rather than with framework (theory building)

**Know it applies to small group, see if it will apply to a bigger population of people.

What is deductive reasoning?
Deductive reasoning is when you go from general to specitic

What is deductive reasoning the basis of? (Kind of research)
Quantitative research

Select conceptual or theoretical framework to guide process

**Know it applies to big group of people, see if it will apply to a specific area.

Tell whether the following example is inductive or deductive reasoning?

Sleeplessness, anxiety and lack of study affects test scores


Tell whether the following example is inductive or deductive reasoning?

All teenagers will experiment with sex and drugs prior to their college years


Tell whether the following example is inductive or deductive reasoning?

USF nursing students display greater emotional stability than the rest of the USF student population


Tell whether the following example is inductive or deductive reasoning?

Elevation of the head of a bead greater than 30 degrees and frequent oral care will decrease VAP rates in all patients


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