Now the report is submitted on the music that falls under the

Now the report is submitted on the music that falls under the category of ‘music in public place’ that master piece of music is from India.

The video is published on YouTube by Rbdeo channel. The video is made in someplace of Delhi because it is mentioned in the description box of the Rbdeo channel. Video is prepared on the song of Nusrat Fateh Ali khan who is well known as Shehan- shah-e- Qawwali means Brightest star in Qawwali.

The song in video is sung and prepared by the Yaman and fusion group and most amazing thing in the video is instrument used for the song is clap box Cajon which is very unique thing at my point of view.

There were also a few guitarists who is beautiful playing the guitar. The song ’Dulhe ka Sehra’ is a fast song and everyone who is performing in the video are in sink and having a great coordination. I think they have a great knowledge of music.

In the video, I noticed that the everyone is playing instruments along with singing. The group has sung full song in video nicely.

The song ‘Dulhe ka Sehra ‘is from the Bollywood movie “Dhadkan”. Music in the video licensed to YouTube by believe music (on the behalf of music worldwide entertainment pvt. Ltd.); audiam (publishing), Latin Autor, Venus_Pub, UBEM, The royalty network (publishing) and 15 music right societies. The main leader of the yaman and fusion group is Akash Sharma. The song full song is beat song and time by time the music changes.

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Somewhere it is slow and somewhere it is fast, which is a great collaboration. But one thing that struck to my mind while observing the video the boy @0:56 who is making the video, tried to join them but one the member from group stop him and step lined which is not good and I think he feel insulted in public and stopped singing, everyone in the comment section opposed this action, because it hurt the emotions of the guy.

Music in public spaces

The yaman and fusion group is a college group they have their own YouTube channel with a good liking and following on channel. The video credit is given to TMRS Cajon. This group has a unique idea which is very mesmerizing and attracting. There’s only one person who is playing clap box Cajon and he played very well.

The Nusrat Fateh Ali khan was a Pakistani singer he’s a good songwriter, musician, music composer, music producer and a music director. He’s a multitalented person. He started his career at the age of 16 yr. He was blessed with the great voice. Basically, he sung devotional songs like Qawwali, Gazhal, Sufi, Folk and classic.

At the end I would say everyone should appreciate their work. They work very well and hard. The group should also perform at bigger platform and make fame for them. We should promote our young generation because they are the future of the nation.

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Now the report is submitted on the music that falls under the
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