The Choice Should Be for Everyone

The following sample essay on The Choice Should Be for Everyone Non-Conformity is one breaking out of the shackles of the social norms. Everyone wants to stand out in some way or another and not have their choices made for them by someone else. Conformity destroys this. Conformity is the enemy of true change, people having their minds set on only the norms and never fighting against change is on. Yet it is also very to easy to see why people conform.

Why does nobody want to challenge the norms? the answer is simple: Nobody wants to be outcast. It’s just human nature to want to be accepted, loved, and Nonconformity affect these.

Non-Conformity is “failure or refusal to conform as with established customs, attitudes and ideas” this is someone breaking what is known as the norm. Some of the most talented and beloved humans known to history were Non-Conformist. Albert Einstein challenged all scientist of his time and changed science forever with his E=mc2 theory.

A theory that made the world change the way to think about space, time and gravity. His contribution to science is still relevant to this day.

Martin Luther King Jr can also be called a non-conformist. Martin is one of the most influential leaders of all time, going against the established ideas of black people helping create the civil rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965. Him fighting against conformity allowed for a more equal representation of African American people in the United States.

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Him fighting against the social norms is still relevant to this very day.

Bill Gates is often called a non-conformist for his huge influence of personal computers when at the time they were mainly used for big companies. He also had a big hand in creating the xbox a gaming console that made a humongous impact on the gaming community, being the first console with a hard drive, giving birth to some of the most well-known and critically acclaimed game franchises such as Halo, and brought online gaming to the mainstream with its incredible features such as voice chat and a friends list. And finally, one of Bills biggest creations his program “windows” the first true attempt of a graphical user interface. The mouse was used heavily for this program when at the time the mouse was not common computer input device.

Steve Jobs, often called Bill Gate’s rival is called a non-conformist for challenging the world of technology at the time and his influence is still huge today. Making devices and programs such as the Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, and Itunes. The Ipod being influential with its simplistic interface, and ease with loading music changing the landscape of mp3 players. Before the Ipod someone having their entire music collection with them was basically impossible with the best other option being a portable CD player. Itunes being the first big major online store for downloadable music. The Iphone for bringing the internet in pockets, bringing touchscreen phones to the mainstream, and was a big influence for getting rid of physical keyboard on phones. Ipads such as education & businesses. Many schools use Ipads for books and many other educational purposes. and All of these went against everything that was normal at the time and has made apple one of the most innovative companies of all time. Steve Jobs ignored those who disagreed him and did as he pleased.

A great Non-Conformist goes against the social norms not just for themselves but for the people around them, they realize that change is important and can bring great things.

Conformity is one trying to change their social influence to try to fit in with a group. There are multiple forms of Conformity: Compliance, Internalisation, Ingrational, and Identification. Compliance is one trying to change to fit in a social group even if the person doesn’t agree with the beliefs of said group. Internalisation is a private and. Ingrational is more driven by rewards then being unable to fit in. Identification is very similar to Compliance but still having personal views that don’t agree with said group. Conformity is a problem for human growth.

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