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To the cowboys'cattle towns' or'cowtowns' ,as purists referred to them, were merrily desolated towns in the mist of the desert. It was here that these cowboys could rest, get a bite to eat, gamble, or meet women. Most people thought of cowtowns as evil towns, because so much immorality went on in them. At times…


Cuba is full of rich history, culture, unique religions, ethnic blends, and government policies.They have a Government so well known for it’s trickery, deceit, lies, and backstabbing.They also are becoming a new tourist hotspot. people have been flocking there since 1992, when tourism from the United States was allowed.The leader of Cuba is the 84…

Cuban Missle Crisus

In the beginning, John F. Kennedy's invasion of Cuba seemed as though it would be a major victory for the United States.Kennedy's involvement in Cuba soon turned into a crisis, not only with Cuba, but also with the Soviet Union.Although there was no real evidence that the U.S. would be successful at the Playa Giron…



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Gradeur of tang

Last Friday, I feel privileged to attend the concert named the Grandeur of Tang, performed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. This was held at the Esplanade concert hall and in attracted a huge crowd. Before we entered the hall, we could feel the impact when we saw a number of Chinese dressed in the traditional…

The witchcraft hysteria

In 1692, in Salem Massachusetts, the superstition of witches existed in a society of strong puritan beliefs. Anybody who acted out of the ordinary was accused of being a witch, and then the accused would actually be forgiven if they admitted it and told the court of anyone else that was with the devil. This…

Death of a Titan

After years of construction and work, the Titanic was finally ready for her maiden voyage. The beginning of her voyage was to take place on the morning of April 10, of 1912 at approximately 10:00am. The firs of Titanic passengers began to board the ship. Most of these passengers were British residents who had journeyed…

Visual Analysis of a Beuford Smith Photograph

The piece which I will analyze was shot by Beuford Smith, and is titled These Colors Don't Run. It was taken in 1999 and is a silver gelatin print. It is displayed in Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery in the Schine Student Center at Syracuse University. The issue at the heart of Smiths print appears…

Devil's Disciples

The Devil;s Disciples Hoffer, Peter Charles (Baltimore: The John Hopkins University King James II;s rise to power in the 1680s became an extremely turbulent time for all under his reign. This was primary due to Catholic versus Protestant relations. Unlike his brother Charles II, James II openly professed his Catholic beliefs and granted religious freedom…

Whats Happening Richard Schechner

What's Happening Richard Schechner?: A Look at Schechner's Ideas of the "New" Theatre Richard Schechner envisions a "new theatre" in three of his major essays, "Happenings" (1966), "Six Axioms for Environmental Theatre" (1968), and "Negotiations with the Environment" (1968).He does not spend time discussing his famed "not not themselves" ideology of the performer or ritual…

Yasmin almonte lantz's herstory

Red is the predominant color in all of Yasmin Almonte-Lantz;s works. This is because she believes that ;Red is blood, red is life, red is death, red is love, red is violence, red is passion.; And truly, all her works reflect much about life from a woman;s perspective. In almost all her paintings, women are…

British Prespective of the failure of the Albany Plan of Uni

British officials and lawmakers today applauded the decision of the colonial assemblies to reject a colonial unity plan, the Albany plan of Union, of which they did not approve of. On a hot summer day in June of the year 1754 of our Lord, Benjamin Franklin, delegate to the colony of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts colony…

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