No matter what your job is or what sector you work in

No matter what your job is or what sector you work in one day robots will be able to do your job in a way better than almost any human could. And for many workers around the globe that day will come sooner rather than later. According to Martin Ford a futaristic and author who focuses on artificial intellegence and robots say “A lot of people assume that robots will only take jobs from maual labours, and that as long as you go to university you will be immune to that.

But that isn’t completely true, there will be a much broarder impacty “

Whiles change is inevitable in more hands on sectors, it is increasingly known that intellegence based jobs requiring jobs and experties from universities are equally ar risk. In fact, some of positions are being taken over by robots right now.

The value of hard labour

At as a student I spend most of my time reading, writing and understanding theoretical topics.

It ofter is that my fingers and brain are the only part in my body that really gets any exercise, As chores and jobs set by my parents I have experienced in manual labour often including garden or cleaning ect.

Recently I spent most of the day catching up on my jobs in the garden. I grunted and groaned as I hauled dirt, and hacked away at roots, chopped down tree and shrubs and fertiliesed. Other than the impecible workout, these incredible long hours of manual chores allowed my mind to think about unexpected things and ways.

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In my exhausting work I began to thing about automation and AI.

I didnt mind working in the fresh air maybe enjoyed it a little, but I do admit that it would be kinda neat to have someone else or ‘something else’ to complete that backreacking hard labout for me. I could always pay someone to do it for me, but I would almost spend the same amout of time making sure that the jobs was done just to how I wanted it to doing it myself.

My other option was that I could create or buy a robot tha could handle the job for me and do it exactly as I wanted it done without breaking a sweat.

So the message was clear that instead of paying someone else to complete it for me that I could just let a powerful machine complete it for me.

This is same with many bussinesses instead of hirring robots to work for them exactly they want it done and quickly without any effort.

The problem is with many ways people think of automation. People tend toview automation is the elination of jobs as terrible end of the world thing as sci-fi movies have portrayed robots as, destroying the human race. But infact robots are only used ot help and inprove the way humans can work at this current state of technology. But in reality the evolution of machines will just lead to a more advanced productive society. Take for example amazon. Amazon had started yo use thousands of robots to help deal with menial hard and complicated labour jobs in warehouses. But Amazon is still hiring tens of thousands of new workers every month according thr Quartz reported.

So, workers with high levels of education will have jobs creating and developing these machines, and workers who are less skilled will be able to use these machines to repidly increased their productivity even more. So we will get more output per labourer. Sounds great to me.

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No matter what your job is or what sector you work in
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