No Country For Old Men: Movie Review

”No Country For Old Men” Coen Brothers movie is really good. It’s dope actually. This consists of basically 2 main characters. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) is the protagonist a pretty good guy, and Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) the antagonist. This is a classic cat and mouse type story. The scene at the gas station is pretty dang suspenseful. This is the 3rd time you’ve seen Chigurh and he’s already killed 3 people. This is the first time you really encounter him speaking and this really shows how edgy and psychotic he is.

But this scene humanizes him somewhat but it still shows that he is like crazy and still a killer. This scene is very suspenseful because he’s interacting with the man at the gas station and its really unpredictable what he’s going to do because you’ve seen he is a merciless killer. He questions the man after the man asks him a question just to kind of make conversation, but Chigurh’s questions are somewhat deep and turn the man’s questions around on him.

In my mind that is pulling a little bit of Chigurh’s psychopathic personality out for us to see other than just the killing. After a series of questions and Chigurh’s unsettling responses. Chigurh sets down an empty package of cashews he had been eating throughout the previous questions. He sets the empty package down and it uncrinkles. That is making what is going on more dramatic and it kind of seems like its foreshadowing that Chigurh is about to lose it, but nope he didn’t.

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He then goes on to ask the man what the most is he’s ever lost in a coin toss.

He did not know. So Chigurh flips a coin and promptly sets it down on the counter with his hand still covering it. He makes the man choose and he choses “heads”. The camera is emphasizing his hand with the coin under it. The importance of this is you get the sense that Chigurh will kill him if he’s wrong. Which he would have if the man were wrong. Another intense scene is at the motel. Moss has hidden the two million dollars in the vent which the bag containing the money contains a transponder that Chigurh and the cartel both have things that detect it. So the cartel has found him but they are in an adjacent room to Moss. This is when Chigurh rolls up, driving around the motel until he finds the room where the money is at. Chigurh gets a room, takes off his shoes, and promptly busts open the door where the cartel is and hanessly kills them all.

At the moment the money is in the vents between the two rooms. In this scene at about the same Moss has his ear up against the wall, listening for the others but the way the camera reads his face he is somewhat scared and possibly out of his league, but he doesn’t give up. He fishes the money out of the vent and he skedaddles on out of there. Anton Chigurh in my opinion is the main character of the story while at the same time being the bad guy. Whereas Llewelyn Moss is less of the main character because he just found the money and took off with it and Chigurh pursues Moss because he wanted the money apparently even more than Moss. You know, because of all the killing he does. It doesn’t seem like anything has really made Chigurh it seems more like this is the way he was born. He has no sympathy for others.

Making this movie just a little more deep than the movie already is. The three men (Chigurh, Moss and Sheriff Bell) are locked in a swerving, round robin chase that takes them through the empty west texas ranges. All three characters seem to never come into frame together kinda making it kind of different from most movies you’ve seen making it a typical Coen Brothers film. Not an ordinary movie. Most people after watching this movie seem to have not liked it because they didn’t really understand it or because it did not have a nice happy ending, but this movie was more in depth with more than what appears on the surface. Most movies have like background music and stuff going on throughout the film but No Country for Old Men is void of background music most of the way through.

That makes it have in my mind a more erie vibe and keeps you drawn into what’s going on. When there is music going on in other movies I seem to lose focus on it unless in watching it in the theatre and there’s nothing goin on. In the second motel scene. Moss has figured out there’s a transponder in the money. This scene is set up pretty dark. Where Llewelyn is looking out the window because he knows good and well that Chigurh is coming for him. They shoot Moss laying on the bed and the camera slowly comes into him with light on one side of his face leaving the other half of his face with a shadow on it. This shows that the past Llewelyn is now gone and the other guy is here because he is never going to go back to his previous life. That’s all gone. Then he sits up on the bed anticipating Chigurh’s arrival.

The beeping of the transponder is coming closer down the hall. Then Chigurh blows the lock out of the door and the exchange gunshots and again Moss makes a getaway, but not unscathed he has to hop out the window. Some more gunshots exchange in the street after they both get out. But Chigurh was shooting from behind a car and Moss goes over there after the shots have stopped and there is a dark alley. And Chigurh is gone. Yyyyythe the the the the 

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