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Nike has forever had competition from Adidas in terms of Paper

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Nike has forever had competition from Adidas in terms of everything. However other companies have also been a competitor like underamour, puma, umbro, fila among others. This are multibillion dollar companies like Nike and the competition often comes down to whose product is whose product looks appealing. In that case Nike and Adidas have Ronaldo and Messi respectively and fans of each hate the other so much that a Messi fan only gets Adidas and a Ronaldo only Nike. A good example of such is how the African American people and African people are in love with Adidas Yeezys even though Nike have similar products but since Kanye West endorsed it and its practically his shoe. It all comes down to who or which team is endorsing your product.

Economic environment

Nike products are mainly manufactured in China since it is cheaper to make them from there instead of making them in the united states. With Nike being an international company the economic status that they are mainly worried about is for china and united states their base of operation. With the Chinese economy booming they are likely to get more sales of the mercurial there.

Political Forces

China have a stable political scene with a communist party headed by a secretary general. She has a president that is a ceremonial figure head with a premier bring the head of the government. In the US trumps governance has been rocky with the failure to approve the budget over sometime which almost led to the shutdown of the government. Both situations are somewhat ideal for Nike to sell their mercurial since Ronaldo is still playing and people are watching him play. The political scene does not affect that much.

Legal and Regulatory Forces

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Trade relations between United States and most developed counties such as China is vital since Nike is able to manufacture its products at cheap prices and sell it to the rest of the world without being heavily taxed.

Technological Forces

Changing technology has made it possible to promote through email. When you get to their website Nike will prompt you to submit your email for updates on their products and when there is something new about the product you are notified at the same time with someone in the states while in a third world country like Kenya.

Sociocultural Forces

Society’s demographics and values are changing because people are encouraged to spend money on expensive products while you could get the same performance from a cheaper one. Society has idolized the people endorsing these products and when a new product is out, people are compelled to buy not for its usefulness simply because it looks good on Kylie Jenner.

Target Market


Demographic characteristics include middle to upper class, Athlete, aged 15 to 40, earning or guardians earning a salary of $50,000+.

Geographic location can literally be anywhere in the world since it is in amazon, Jumia and all those online stores.

Psychographic characteristics of our clients is that they love soccer, are fans of Ronaldo or other Athletes that endorse the product and are soccer players that believe that it takes the best equipment to perform the best.

Needs Analysis

Our clients are in need of soccer boots that are light on the feet that make running feel like flying.

• We offer equipment used and recommended by the very best at what they do.

• Our competitors my offer cheaper alternatives but my lack quality to the finest of margins however insignificant, performance is provided to the required limit solving minor problems like the cut of the grass that eventually may be the difference between an above average and the very best.

Current Market Objectives and Performance

review of marketing objectives

Our objectives are to reach consumers within our target market by getting better endorsement deals with popular teams and athletes in the world

• These objectives are consistent with marketing changes

Performance Analysis

Sales volume is currently lower than they have been in the past and profitability is remaining consistent. This is a seasonal norm since it is the preseason before the beginning of a new seasons when performance is expected to rise.


SWOT Analysis


• Ronaldo

He has such a large fan base who follow him and wish to become him, young upcoming footballers look unto him as a role model and if he says Nike is the best, you all buy Nike since it’s the best.

• Quality

All the hype is deserving since the mercurial can do all that is advertised. They even have adjustable studs for when it’s raining and when its dry.

• Availability

Shipping of the products is worldwide and even people from Russian can get them .


• Ronaldo

whenever he does not perform better than the competition e.g. Messi Ronaldo sells less than Messi and since that target the same market, Nike will lose Money because Ronaldo had a cold and couldn’t play.

• Worldwide product

Nike is unable to control what the distributors and retailers such as amazon do. e. g Amazon packs two left boots; the receiver will be angry at Nike even though it’s not their fault.


• Deals

Popular teams like Manchester United and Juventus are under Adidas but getting them under Nike is vital since they make so much money of the sale of merchandise and are practically some of the richest clubs in the world


• Gamming

Gamming is really popular with gamers like Ninja and Pokimane earning so much money out of streaming fortnite and attending and participating in tournaments. You might never have heard of them but millions of their fans do and that can make a lot of money for Nike if we get and endorsement or partner with them.


• Gamming

Also known as E Sports Gamming is gaining interest from the young generation which makes them lose interest in outdoor sports like soccer leading to shrinking of the target market. in future virtual sports may be far more popular than what we have.

Matching Strengths to Opportunities/Converting Weaknesses and Threats

Nike could partner with community sports teams as a way to get into contact with them and learn how to prevent them from moving to E sports.

• Nike could partner with Samsung or even make a company on its own for gaming equipment given how popular It is becoming.

About the author

This sample paper is crafted by Elizabeth. She studies Communications at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Nike has forever had competition from Adidas in terms of and can be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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