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Who five hundred pages packed full of crime and plenty of mystery, arranged in several parallel storylines, hold out to have come at the end of virtually no closer to solving all the puzzles raised, even the need to bring something like reading sportsmanship , Because beware: Patient waiting is announced. To be continued in February 2013, the third part then in February 2014. Until then, we keep author Carsten Stroud and his translator Dirk van Gusteren on a long leash, little by little the darkness bright, until we finally after two years will enjoy full view

The title suggests irony -.

However, even bare sarcasm. The small town of “Nice Ville” where the three-part play, is a nice place; just over 200 people disappeared without a trace since since 1928th Before the whites settled here and the founding families – the Cottons, which Teague that Haggard and Walkers – amassed their wealth, the land belonged to the Cherokees.

Already knew and felt the evil, the threat that has its origins in “Tallulah’s Wall”, a huge rock massif near. On top of a plateau lies the “Crater Sink”, a deep, opaque lake. Something indefinable in these waters demands retribution, eats all living things, and with each generation the evil planted on and on …

Mysterious risk is from an old mirror from the 17th century. On the way home from school, the boy Rainey disappears without a trace after he flattened like every day his nose at the window of a pawnshop to stare fascinated in this mirror.

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Years earlier in a car accident died a woman who kept calling with their last breath “. It uses the mirror”

In addition to this strange, mystical event that Carsten Stroud invests broadly, there is in the quiet Niceville also ordinary crimes such as bank robbery. Four policemen immediately take on the prosecution of the two robbers, but an ex-cop who wants to do with the gangsters Checkout, shoots his colleagues unscrupulously with a sniper rifle.

A man loses a custody battle in court, intends to avenge this injustice suffered by the company and circulated on the Internet anonymously pornographic images; so he drives another to amokartigen hostage-taking of several children. And so still happens this and that. The few good you can count on one hand, because as good as any in the nice Niceville dirt has in the closet. Morally, it is quite murky there, the Enlightenment has not quite reached the place, and fits to draw black flocks of crows in their lanes, darken the sky symbolically and concretely.

In the course of the tape, we probably learn all residents which Stroud populated his town, know by name. Each chapter he donated a headline that initially comes as a harmless declarative sentence, but reveals their cynicism soon. Change the plot places churning. Given this diversity it is surprising that the reader does not lose the thread. But maybe he keeps track only then easily if he can read the book in one weekend in one go. Otherwise, it is recommended to create a cheat sheet -. As a memory jogger for the next volume twelve months later …

A detective story with a difference I’m not a fan of the fantasy genre and hope for me, therefore, that the scale mystical elements in the sequels do not take the upper hand in this first part and we expect in two years, a convincing, logical circuit

So you next year. “Niceville – the return”


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