NeuroLeadershipQuestion 1We all have a groundbreaking organ to

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Question 1:

We all have a ground-breaking organ to enable us to accomplish our fantasies and objectives throughout everyday life – our brain. We see our general surroundings and make choices with our mind. The human brain has tremendous abilities.

Neuro-leadership means “to focus on how individuals in a social environment make decisions and solve problems, regulate their emotions, collaborate with and influence others, and facilitate change” (Ringleb and Rock, 2008), neuro-leadership works with the ‘people’ rather than the business side of things.

Leading doesn’t mean controlling which unavoidably numerous ways will be utilized to do – however that has occurred since the beginning of time.

Leadership is about human conduct in all structures – business is about human conduct. All business is at last determined by human conduct some place at the end of the supply chain. (Andy Habermacher, 2010) Neuro-leadership is the field that utilizes neuroscience (the scientific study of the brain) to support authority ideas. Because of advances in our comprehension around how the brain functions in the course of the last twenty to thirty years more fields are swinging to neuroscience to pick up beforehand inaccessible bits of knowledge.

Importance of achieving success:

From different points of view, it appears working environments are intended to impact our brain negatively. Quick paced movement is rewarded, open idea workplaces with a lot of enticement are turning into the standard. Adjusting our work environments in a way that is progressively helpful for the standards of leadership, notwithstanding showing individual entrepreneurs how to function as such, in this way moving the way of life just as their very own official abilities, is gigantic to getting ready associations to lead the path later on.

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Research from the Yale Stress Centre demonstrates that when we are focused on, something intriguing happens to our prefrontal cortex. This territory of the brain controls official working. We can likewise help this territory of our brain develop through wiring our minds by rehearsing sound work and life decisions. As leaders, you have to step back and consider the key zones you have to concentrate on, work in brain breaks on many occasions in your day, discover spaces you can work without any distractions, certainly learn mindfulness, exercise routinely, and figure out how to define limits for yourself in the event that you believe you are always pushing your mind. Superior brains resemble elite race cars: If you don’t stop for a pit stop, you won’t most likely win the race. (Carey-Ann Oestreicher, 2016)

Question 2:

The neuro-leadership approach to management:

The goal for everyone is to be as effective and efficient as possible in what they do, in past times there has been specific methods of doing certain things. With neuroscience people are taught to understand what is going on and readies them to act in any situation.

The era of self-management:

Democracy is no longer in the future picture, there is a new approach called “Holacracy”. This new system gives employees more freedom to work with, it substitutes the top-down system with freedom through the whole company.

Develop your intuition:

The so-called “gut-feeling” is part of everyone’s mind. It is defined as someone’s direct or immediate knowledge about a situation without conscious thinking. Because there is no way in which business decisions can be made on complete knowledge, most are made on the so-called “gut-feel”.

Mind programming techniques:

The aspect in this module that I found most exciting was certainly this one. I believe by changing the way of thinking one can achieve many things. There are methods to rewire one’s brain and to change a person’s attitude and mindset.

• Visualisation:

Visualisation is capable of the most things in the brain. It is so powerful that it is capable of forming an exact and distinctive mental image of the things we as humans want to achieve. Before anything happens take a few moments to picture what you want to achieve out of the situation.

• Affirmations:

To define affirmations, it is positive assertive statements you make verbally or non-verbally about your abilities, to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. It is as simple as talking to yourself, which sounds really interesting, but the more you repeat a statement the more your brain will believe it.

• Association and disassociation:

This for me is one of the most important ways to re-program one’s brain into another way of thinking to achieve the absolute best. It means to connect yourself to a positive event or to disconnect yourself of a negative or traumatic event.

Re-programming one’s brain can be used for many things such as building self-confidence, achieving dreams and goals, eliminating fears and relieving traumatic memories. For me this is extremely exciting because by changing the way you think, a people can achieve much more than we think we can.

(Young Minds Entrepreneurship Programme, Personal Mastery)

Question 3:

To think on about my own company in the future, there are many things I would want to implement in my own business. Things change and technology especially grows and grows each and every day.

My Future Company:

There are many things I would like to implement in my company to get the absolute best out of my people and to manage them in the best way as possible. In my company the main moto will be “mindset”. As stated earlier a person’s mindset can be the reason why they achieve their goals and are successful or fail and don’t try again.

• “Holacracy”

In every company there is a specific system to which everything runs accordingly. In my company I will use a “Holacracy” system, this means that there would be power divided through the whole company to give people more freedom to obtain the highest level of work. There would be different sections but non are higher ranked than the next, everyone are on the same level of importance. I would have this system in place to ensure employees are not forced to do something they don’t agree with or don’t even know what goal they are working towards to achieve.

Because of the system I will put in place my staff will be purpose-driven, because they know exactly to what goal they are working. Each of my teams will structure themselves into the best manner they will be able to achieve their best, although they will be able to do this, they will still have the company’s goal as their own goal.

• Mind Programming Techniques:

As I stated earlier, I am very excited about this aspect of the work. In my company our attitude will be everything that is why I will implement a mind programming system. Employees will receive regular presentations and tutorials on how to programme their way of doing things. This will ensure that the people will have the best possible way of thinking in my company and will again ensure that the best possible work rate is obtained.

Visualisation will be used as the main aspect to which employees will work with. To picture what you as a person wants to achieve can do wonders in a person’s efficiency. Firstly, I would want my staff to visualise what they want to achieve and then what the organisation as a whole want to achieve together, to reach the ultimate success.

I want my staff to be at their best and this will not always be the case as we are all humans, but if you can get people to work together for a single main goal, with the mindset of an achiever, they will provide you with their best.

The Law of Belief states that what your belief, if that belief of yours is strong and big enough, that belief of yours will become reality. This is what I would want my company’s staff to know and to keep hearing, because then they would be at their best all the time. With these implementations I know and believe my company will succeed.

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