Nero di mare by Pasquale Ruju Review

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If you Franco Zanna regret admire or simply do not take seriously? The man is a paparazzo, as it is imagined: daring lone, dreister Durchmogler, creative in its methods. Can he offer any sensational photos, he goes into the crowd of colleagues and deserves nothing. Failures do not stay out

Franco -. Actually Francesco Livio Zannargiu – has a broken biography. It all started well. born in a Sardinian village in the hinterland, he delivered in the provincial capital Nuoro a top high school, and excelled as a law student in Turin.

But shortly before the exam he threw the study and worked as an investigative reporter and photographer. From one day to the other he let his editors, his home and his pregnant girlfriend behind him and returned to the island. At the posh Costa Smeralda he made his way as a photographic henchmen of detectives, lawyers and tabloids carried by spying the private lives of celebrities and rich.

What is the turn of promising young man to permanently indebted casual workers and lonely Gewohnheitstrinker triggered? It was a traumatic event, whose pictures and talking Franco daily haunt and he reveals to us in very small Portiönchen -.

As well as his seventeen year old daughter Valentina, which comes flying from Turin to her father finally meet again

Valentina, a paragon of reason, tolerance and kindness are, however, must be evicted after a few days more modest Papas hut near the beach, because he has ridden into the mess again deep. First he photographed at night as a married TV celebrity abservierte a racy red-haired playmate, but the action versiebte by carelessness.

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Then the lady went to see him unexpectedly on and committed himself. Her new lover, a dubious security big business’ve namely To a much more dubious business partners> borrowed

Too bad: Franco grabs also this job not quite. Now, “la sirena rossa” disappeared without a trace and a horde of brutal gorillas after him. But squeamish Franco is not. He beats a spectacular block, his pursuers attracts refined designed traps and eventually negotiated a pretty strong position with mighty power brokers.

In the first half of the plot is fairly flat and predictable, the characters are drawn schematically and superficial, and narrator Franco ticking sexist to breaking point. No woman can he pass without explicitly recognize their physical attributes, more or less, and with business partners he liked negotiated in bed as long as the put up.

From the middle of the book takes the development, however, good momentum. Da Franco gets into a bad predicament and things to do that could plunge him into deepest abyss (as emphasize he never tired of is) and the reading actually drives the pulse in the air, so high are the risks.

< p> Pasquale Ruju has years of experience as an author renowned comic series such as “Dylan Dog” and “Tex”. Because he knows how to tinker a brave hero, a plot structured efficiently and creates scenes striking. In his first crime novel, he proves that he inflame tension by continuous text and dialogue and can get with hints advance references and cliffhangers upright. That he formulated in comic images, becomes especially clear when it maps the slugfest of brawls accurate (and there are quite a few, are like Franco and the people with whom he has to do, predisposed): “Lo centrai con il gomito all’interno della coscia destra, dall’alto in basso … gli rifilai un cazzotto nelle reni … gli afferrai il mignolo della mano destra e lo torsos fino a spezzarlo … il mio ginocchio sullo stomaco. Gli scaricai un pugno in piena faccia … facendogli ingoiare un paio di incisivi … lo afferrai per le orecchie e gli rifilai una testata fra naso e fronte … “<

A little stronger local color have I promised myself from the scene Sardinia. However, the author does not offer much more to call than all the clichés in brief ( tenores , murales …); most place names are fictitious. Zio Gonario, a jolly man of sixty and true-Bandit old school ( “uno degli ultimi veri banditi sardi”), is, since it decades ago as part of a faida kill> had <, on the run from the Carabinieri but, now lives a comfortable retirement in the mountains of Barbagia. There Franco hiding his daughter, so she does not fall into the line of fire of his lethal machinations. With its patents Räuberbraut Nevina Zio Gonario fattens the girl with porceddu and seadas and scatters like Sardinian chunks in his speech. On the Costa Smeralda, we learn that there eleven months nothing is going on, but stitched in August the bear. Then German beer drinkers are toasting each other loudly, the mainland Italians bring beautiful women with that populate the pizzerias, buy properties and rent yachts, and the sea is to the deepest depth of blue and clear.

Pasquale Ruju has a fun beach reading written, which is probably preferably created for men. A number of good scenes and images will remain in memory, but for a fourth star lacks originality and level.

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