Navigation Tools on Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen Websites

Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen Websites The navigation system of a website is the roadmap to all information contained in a site.

The experience of a visitor to the website is influenced by the ease with which he can navigate through different pieces of information on the website. A good experience leads to more business for the company that runs the website. The chosen websites for this assignment belong to Toyota, Ford and Volkswagen. Navigation tools for Toyota’s and Ford’s websites seem identical but navigating through Volkswagen’s site is different and challenging.

This paper seeks to look at the websites of the three companies.

Most Effective Website Of all the three websites, Toyota’s site is the most effective in terms of navigation. As noted earlier, Toyota’s site seems to have similar navigation tools with Ford’s website. However, the two sites are different in the menu structure. In a website, menu guides the visitor to find information that they want about a company and its products (Roque par.

3). Ford’s and Toyota’s sites direct the visitor to learn about them by writing the companies’ names on the top left side of the website. The names are clear and give links on which the visitor can click. Both sites have their upper parts containing information about vehicles, dealers, financing and owners. The upper information helps in horizontal navigation. However, Toyota provides information for vertical navigation. A visitor on Toyota’s site can find information about Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, and Rav4.

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The descriptions of these Toyota cars are contained in the vertical information that continuously pops up on the site. On the other hand, Ford’s and Volkswagen’s sites do not have information that can help in vertical navigation.

The site content for Toyota’s website is satisfactory in guiding the visitor to find the information they want. The site uses subheadings that have different fonts and clear links with the product descriptions. Also, the site uses bold subheadings when mentioning cars to guide the visitor locate the information with ease as Esparza suggests (par. 11). Although Ford’s site has subheadings, it does not use bold colors to attract the attention of the visitor.

Toyota’s and Ford’s sites have “call for action’ element that tries to lure the visitor to find out information about different products. A call for action aims at convincing the visitor to try a product (Roque par. 5) For instance, Toyota’s site tells the visitor to explore every possibility by buying the Highlander unit. Ford tells visitors to make more ‘first-evers’ happen. Volkswagen’s site does not have a call for action. Toyota’s site is effective in that it bolds its subheading before it makes calls for action thereby getting the attention of the visitor.

Least Effective Volkswagen’s site is the least effective in that it lacks the menu structure. The website directs the visitor to click on the firm’s cookie policy. The site does not contain information that one can navigate through either horizontally or vertically. Also, the site is not interactive as required of websites. A site is interactive when it guides the visitor to additional information that has a call to action (Roque par. 6). However, unlike Ford’s and Toyota’s sites that call for the visitor to try different car units, Volkswagen’s site only directs the visitor to cookie policy that does not have information about the products or services that the company offers. Volkswagen’s site is also not structured to form different headlines that the visitor can go through to find the information they want since it lacks the “about us” “products” and other subheadings in the menu structure. As noted earlier, the other sites have the names of the firms mentioned on the top to guide the visitor to learn more about the companies.

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