The topic sentence in this text is “working to safeguard the earth for you”. They have also taken a part in the topic sentence that is a sort of controlling idea, which is the sentence the end of the topic sentence “which all life depends”. This controlling idea shows us which direction this text will take.

Further on in the text, they use a lot of language features to compel the audience into recruitment to their cause. They start of with describing the founders of the NRDC, in which they use a very figurative language and personal appeal.

The writer describes the founders as “innovative, caring and dedicated law students”. Then they start to describe their organization as an “unique and ground-breaking concept”. They even go so far, to describe themselves as the “guardians of the inherent rights”. All these explanations and terms makes the readers intrigued and personally I feel more welcome to the cause, after hearing that the founders are caring and dedicated.

And I am sure that these few words are something that the recruits also notice.

As well as using welcoming words and description to convince the audience, they also like to use specific sentences to really point out what they are fighting for. The words “clean air, clean water and healthy communities” are to almost be found in every paragraph, just in different variations. As mentioned, they really want to prove their point and show us what they what to defeat. The good thing is that they are speaking about getting better water, air and healthy communities in different ways, so the audience don’t fall off and stumble into darkness and loose track of what they are reading.

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They even end one of the paragraphs with the sentence: “Remember: we breath the same air, drink the same water and walk under the same sun. It unites the writers and the readers and can be looked at like a power line. Where as they underline one of the main messages.

These language devices are some of few in the text, but they still are persuasive and work good with each other. The main purpose of the text which is recruiting people to the NRDC is fulfilled.

As the years and days goes by, it is getting more and more usual to see people from a handful of different races and societies living together. Especially in cities in the UK the societies there are formed of a mix of many different backgrounds and people. So, for some it is hard to define one’s self. And in this essay my focus will be about how it really is to live in a multicultural society. I will also use examples from the previous movies we have watched.

Finding your self can be hard for some, even harder in multicultural societies but not necessarily in a bad way. On the positive side you have a lot to explore and can feel free to pick what ethnic group, sexual orientation, cultural and language you feel you have the most connection to. But there will always be some people judging, stereotypes, ethnicity differences and cultural differences. Since there are so many multicultural society’s I shall try to have my focus on the multiculturalism in the UK.

If we start with sexual orientation. Labels are put on people because of this topic. There has always been this thing about that only heterosexual marriage is normal and is the only marriage that has been over many years. Therefor we often and sadly see people being hateful and disrespectful against people with other sexual orientation. We have a lot of situations where people have ended up going to prison for being homosexual and in the worst scenarios, people end up being killed for it. We can look at a situation from the film “East is east” where you see one of the sons have left the family to follow his own path and not his fathers’ ways of life. We later meet the son again only to find out that he is homosexual. But even though sexual orientation may not be accepted in many societies, it is starting to become a growing idea that people are starting to adapt to because it is being exposed more in society.

In addition, we can take another look at the movie East is east where the father named George arranges that some of his sons shall meet with to other girls from the same religion as themselves, so they could arrange a marriage. This is not something that the sons are willing to do, therefor it becomes a forced marriage. After the sons disagree with George you can see that the family is sort of slowly sliding away from each other from that point on.

In a way, both East is east and My son the fanatic is quite similar. Both George and Parvez is Pakistani immigrants living in England. They also both have sons that are changing apereas and are slowly assimilating into the British lifestyle.

Modern Britain today is overflooded with multiculturalism. Since World War 2 the immigration numbers has reached sky high. They have changed from being a population that was overwhelmingly white, mostly just English speaking and the only religion was Christianity. Now the streets are field with cultures and communities that are from all around the globe.

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