National Lampoon – Sneaky Christmas Carol

If this anthology told four more “Sneaky Christmas stories,” he could be enjoyed as a literary Advent. Well, we open the first page only just on 5 December; we make it our tea and candlelight cozy, we switch off and let us each and every day surprise.

Still & More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent and Christmas time, see < a title = "Books and music for the Advent and Christmas on books reviews" / a>.

Daniel Kampa (ed.) Has compiled twenty very different stories, including only a first publication.

Among their authors are classics, stars and emerging talents; they are British, Danish, German, Austrian, Swiss, Czechs and Americans who were born between 1830 (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach) and 1982 (Bernhard Strobel); her tone ranges from thoughtful and critical of humorous and smart to grotesque and satirical. Religious or romantic contemplation missing in this colorful potpourri. Contrasting the smartly entertaining collection could hardly be more divergent.

Joey Goebel “oneself somehow muddle through” ( “Muddle Through Somewhere”, 2013) is the only original contribution to this anthology with 50 pages the longest.

Actually, John was with his wife Meg, son Dean (17 months) to spend his mom, sister, brother and niece the holidays in Florida. But since he lost his job, there is ebb in the till. He has already sold off or pledged anything. In dire need to Mom reminded of a valuable saxophone from father discount. The “dust catcher” to be auctioned on Ebay and fill the treasury. The already high closing bid comes from Okinawa. If the purchase price land in Johns bags? In the end, in any case, a Japanese chef prepares with his knife arts give children a Christmas Eve lights in the eyes.

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Quite different from this very modern and very American story speaks to us Eduard von Keyserling “Closed Christmas doors” to. Baron Helmar of Alderkaß sits on Christmas Eve alone in front of his mirror. He has released his servant, so he must now dress themselves. The plan is to make two fine ladies pay his respects. For this purpose it is not enough to dress befitting and imposing. From Alderkaß it is estimated also to lie down “one or the other word deal” because “it is useful to treat these things carefully, otherwise the social is trivial and we with him.” But the reality runs sobering and brutal as his mind games. He flashed off at Baroness, then with a friend and eventually even for a simple girl from the village. In the apartments delicate voices of children singing carols, celebrating the families. The great man but all doors remain closed, it remains alone and miserable. “Mr. Baron is our ideal,” he is told, but what good is it the respect? “No man can live” by this, one of Alderkaß not …

Superbly absurd verbal slapstick offers Karl Valentin small game scene “The Christmas tree Brettl”. If you know his films with Liesl Karlstadt, they are reading have grantelnde voice of the Father and the nöselnde the mother in the ear. At the Munich Viktualienmarkt the father has purchased a little Christmas tree, but without the “Brettl” for standing, the mother had told him. Spontaneous ideas of the father is not at a loss: The little tree is this Christmas set stop lying. Or he could carry on his hands to Epiphany it in all its glory at the pleasure of his wife and children. Then the two maneuver by an intelligent chaos of saws, smoke, shards and especially words …

The following authors are represented (in alphabetical order):

Jussi Adler -Olsen (* 1950) – Maxim Biller (* 1960) – Wiglaf Droste (* 1961) – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830-1916) – Daniel Glattauer (* 1960 ) – Joey Goebel (* 1980) – Axel hoe (* 1956) – Franz < strong> Hessel (1880-1941) – Erich Kaestner (1899-1974) – Eduard von Keyserling (1855-1918) – Kurt Marti (* 1921) – Alexander Osang (* 1962) – Gerhard Polt (* 1942) – Joachim Rin gelnatz (1883-1934) – Eugen Red (1895-1976) – Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) (1870-1916) – Ingo Schulze (* 1962) – Bernhard Strobel ( 1982) – Martin Suter (1948) – Karl Valentine (1882-1948)

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