My fascination with narrative literature

My interest in writing started way back during younger years of my childhood days when my parents would sit by my bedside and read me bedtime stories while I painted personal pictures in my mind of what they were learning to me, this happened every time before I slept. As I grew older, I began to read those stories myself, and I always went back to compare my mental optics with the ones i read in the book. I invested in each story I read to the level of picking my character in the book, and after I finished reading I always wondered what will happen to my character, will there be a continuation to this book.

It was during this time that I realized that my interest in writing and reading grew stronger.

It was during my elementary days that I found the novice level of reading and writing to be very interesting from transferring imaginary stories in mind onto a piece of paper to creating scenarios in my mind of when I decide to write my first book.

I went on the internet and purchased a book black unicorn Tiffany Hardish. There was something in the way she wrote her story and narrated it that had me feeling like I was one of the main characters in the book, I enjoyed reading this book, and it was during this time that I felt my desire and interest in writing grew dim after I read the book.

There is a fantastic place in my mind where I go whenever I want to start writing I great piece.

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The first time I decided to write my first piece of writing. I decided to visit this coffee shop that is around where we lived. I ordered for my mug of Espresso Machiatto and sat at my table; I looked at the clients went ahead to place their order, some took the on the go while others waited for the waiters in charge to bring in there order. As I watched everyone move along with their day my creative mind start creating characters for my article and in that moment I wrote my first article. I enjoyed writing every word, every sentence, and I felt pretty connected to that article.

To this day every time I read it, it always takes me back to that coffee shop, in that particular table, sipping that coffee and I relive it all again.

I still struggle with the writing styles, other times I lack the proper way to put out my words in the paper and I feel like the struggle speaks for itself excessively about the world of literature. There people out there who are professionals in specific writing field that tell you how things work using their terminology as compared to if you were reading up on it on your own. Literacy has been around a while and always communicates to human beings everywhere.

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My fascination with narrative literature
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