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narrative final Essay

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Miche lle Peralt a

English 111 -CAA

Prof. Schlene


Passion for reading

My world as a child was about books and reading , it took me on adventures

and helped my confidence. Not knowing the connection reading would have on

me my entire life.

My love of reading backdate s to when I was a toddler . I loved to read before I

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even knew how as my mother would say. I would always have a book in hand as

if I were reading . I would want anyone that was around me to read to me. Mostly

my mo ther as I couldn’t go to bed without a story being read to me.

As I grew older into grade school I would always remember wanting to go to

the library with my mom and could not wait to check out the next book. To me to

take a book home was like starting a new adventure. When we would go to the

store , I just had to have a new book . The other kids in the store would be in the

toy isle picking out their next toy I was always in the book section trying to decide

what book to bring home, I would get home and not want to put that book down.

In my mind it was like life or death to finish the chapter and turn the page to see

how it ended. I just couldn’t separate from it. I remember clenching onto the

flash light holding my book in han ds trying to turn the page quietly and not get

caught as I was supposed to be sleeping . I would guar d my book like a treasure

when I would hear footsteps outside of my room.

Books made things adventurous for me especially being the only girl amongst

three bo y siblings, this was something just for me. I was able to feel like that

character in the book , imagining myself in their clothing , having their powers , or

living their stor y. It felt so real , so fun, so impo rtant. I could change into the

characters, and there was no one to tell me I could not . Ther e was n’t any specific

way things had to be. That’s what made me feel like reading was so im portant. I t

told me my min d co ntrolled what was to happen next and let me learn without

even knowing that my grammar was getting better, my reading and writing were

strengthening because of my exposure to reading .

The strength I built up over time by reading often helped me become more

confident. I didn ’t always do well in school in othe r s ubjects but noticed I wa s

impro ving because my reading skills were strong. As time went on my reading

was able to get me thru most of my classes because as long as I could read the

material . I became better at understanding things. As an adult I began to read to

read magazines, travel guides, books that later became movies and realized I

never became bored with i t.

About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on narrative final and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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