narrative eassy

Amina sher

Professor Hoffman

English comp 1: Exposition (201909-OLD-EL-1000-016)

12 september 2019

Choosing the best major

When I was in high school, I never took any science class except the one which was required. December 2018, the college admission’s deadlines were coming close, my guidance counselor called me and asked if I know what am i majoring in , off course I hadn’t any clue about this. And she said “what about biology”? I was like no way i would never do this major.

Specifically, I used to hate biology, just because it sounds creepy, boring and challenging, and you would have to do lots of scientific experiments; I was so scared of biology. I remembered this joke, “The biology is the only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing”. Choosing the right major in college was the most difficult for me because the best major would lead to the best career path.

One day, I was sitting with my mom, reading a medical magazine very first time just for knowledge; where I found all the information related to biology like how the human body and mind work, diseases, injuries etc.

I was so inspired by that magazine. I asked my mom about biology major and she said: “In America, science education is really important and if you do biology major and then go to medical school, you will get the highest paying job like a doctor, physician, surgeon, etc and great lifestyle”. I said no mom it’s really hard and time consuming i won’t do this.

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My mom said, “ Do what is right not what is easy, once you make up your mind , you will never regret by doing this”. Then, I realized that I should study biology even its hard. literally, my mom’s advice did work and I changed my mind.

And from that day, I decided to be a doctor and change my major to biology by thinking of doing help of others like, I would be able to give treatment if someone is in rare condition or falls sick. For a doctor’s degree, Some people major in other subjects and then go to medical schools but i think that science education is necessary especially, biology because it tells us about our human body, which is really interesting. Science education is important for others too who don’t want to be a doctor because it develops critical thinking and learning skills among us.

Finally, I have my favorite major , I am in my first semester of college and really enjoying it, I wonder why I had kept hating science and if i hadn’t I would have got a chance to study this most interesting education, but anyways, I don’t hate biology anymore..

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