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Name Intercultural Communication Paper

Words: 2810, Paragraphs: 239, Pages: 10

Paper type: Essay , Subject: Communication

Name Syeda Aneela Hassan

Class BS 111

Roll NO. BENF17E145

Subject Intercultural Communication

Submitted to Sir Tazanful Tehseen

University Of Sargodha

Cultural Conflict in Intercultural Communication in

“PK ” Movie by Rajkamumar Hirani

There are some artistic work of literature. According to Bakhtin, the most

genres in literature are epic , comedy, novel , tragedy and creative nonfiction .

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Most of literary works serve social event such as movie. Bring variety of

phenomenon though words, such as social , culture, economics and politics. This

liter ary work that is very necessity in literatu re itself, studied by contains many

aspects, it is mentione d that likes of intercultural communication and

components of culture.

No vinger states that intercultural are used indicating one or several differences

between communicators relating to language, national origin, race or ethnicity.

Novinger adds, we can understand intercultural communication as cultural

variances in perception of social objects and events. The differences commonly

defined as cultural include language, nationality, ethnicity, values, and customs.

This movie was adapted by the producer wh o had a doubt abou t Indian cultural

conflict. Actually, there are so many conflicts told of the story, as such as, it was

through by the under immunity.

I choose this movie because it reflects the social condition and culture of society.

After watching this movie, I have learned cultural conflicts and components of

culture reveled in this movie. This has increased our cultural consciousness or

better understanding about it.

In our daily life, there are many problems or conflicts, which have to be faced by

human. Conflict is a universal phenomenon in huma n life. We can say everybody

have to face the conflict, nonetheless the conflict that had been experienced by

mankind is different from another.

Conflicts between individuals

1 Pk : This lady is looking very sad, to know her problem. Need to hold her


Man 1 : You are trying to disturb a widower?

PK : How do you know this girl is a widow?

Mam 1 : Cannot you see she is wearing a white saree?

Dress code of Christians

2 Pk : I am very sorry about the death of your husband.

Woman 1 : What? When?

PK : How I would know when? You are wearing a white cloth.

Woman 1 : Everyone wears on their wedding day. I’m getting that’s why I am.

PK : No, White is for widower.

Woman 1: Widow Wear black, you stupid, get out of here.

Conflicts between groups

1 When PK was in the Buddha area

PK : Sir, this God is gone out of battery. It does work but then it turns off.

Man 1 : What do you mean?

PK : I mean, put a new battery in it.

Mam 1: Everything is fine, no defect done by me.

PK : You create this God?

Man 1: Yes from my hands.

PK : God create you and you create God?

2 When PK was in Christian Area

Man 1 : Get out from here.

PK : But my stuff?

Man 1 : Leave it. Get out. God has been nailed because of your sin. Look? God

is dead?

PK : When?

Man 1 :2000 ye ars ago. For your sins.

PK : What I have done? I just came here

Man 2 : Are you drunk?

PK : Yup

Man 2 : God is watching you. He is looking at your behavior.

PK : Where? Where is He? What is in that cup?

Man 2 : Wine.

When PK is in Muslim Area

PK : Brother, Where is Gods house nearby?

Man 1 : Yes just go straight here.Hold on. What is that?

PK : Wine for God. Where is He?

“Language problem”

Language problem has also created conflict in Intercultural Communication.

When PK explained to juggu that they do not have any language, spoken by their

mind. In his planet, they never confound when they each other.PK further adds

one word for example can explain four situation.However, realizes the importance

of language itself PK getting interested to learn the Bhojpuri language in order to

understand them.

This explain how the language is an important role in a culture but Jaggu does not

believe with the story of PK , he told , in their world, they do not any language to

communicate with others, but PK had been explained to Jaggu how the difficulties

he experienced, he need a language if he want to eat something.

This thing illustrate that language is cult ure and culture is language, if conflict

occur in language automatically it create conflict in culture.

Religion and Beliefs

Religion and beliefs are important part in a culture. In this movie, first time when

PK strated to do a ritual in every religion, like a bath in the Gangas River and also

do the funeral that people of Muslim do.

In India, Hindu believed the Ganges River is the way to ascend from earth to

heaven. Indians considers that water of the Gangas is to purify and eliminated the

sin of human a nd for pilgrimage.

After finishing ritual bath in river Gangas, then he did the funeral rites performed

by the Muslim in India. It was where the people of Muslim believed that humans

originated from the soil, if their got dead they had been go back to grou nd.

This explains that every religion and country has own beliefs. Every religion has a

sacred ritual that ritual must be performed by any people.


Norms guide us how individual should behave, act and adapt to existing rules,

usually these rules becom e our tradition and transmits from one generation to


The situation depicted in this movie when Jaggu’s father were trust with a

religious leader named Tap asvi , he believed in him, even he presses his family to

do something in order of religious l eaders, although it was not the of his wife and


This tell us about social norms which are usually become social pressure n

members of the public to do the norms.

PK try to correlate the opinion of people all around , and prohibit wear sandals

when people going to the holy place, as well as temple and church. He was

confound because some said cow was to be worshipped but other the cow must

be scarified.

Cultural Conflict

Conflicts are happened because of interaction. And for these analyses it shows

obviously the cultural conflicts in the movie PK was happened because of

interaction between people who has different methods.

a. Interpersonal conflicts

Personal conflicts were a conflict occur in a person against himself. In this

movie there personal conflict.

The conflict was happened wh en PK getting tired during pursuance he

blamed himself. He thinks that he did something useless mean.PK felt he

had been lied to by his situation he was disappointed with the God he was

hard to believed again in the words of those around them he want to back

to his place but he did not how to return .

b. Individual conflicts

According to Kennedy , conflicts between individuals is conflict was

happened when individual in a group and interact with pe ople from other


In PK movie when Pk was perusal by the people of Muslim, finally he was

riding in a metromini. Beside him he saw a woman who was very sad, but

wonder raised him, to know what was felt by the woman he too did usually

he do, that hold ing someone hand.

In above paragraph all are individual conflicts found in a person about some

other cultural.

The film conveys that religion is about a personal relationship to God and

making one a better person but when people use it to push an agenda or

oppress others, they are doing a disservice to religion or as PK would say,

“you have the wrong number”.

The movie’s greatest strength and its greatest failing is its lighthearted tone

that renders it safe and non -controversial. While this is wonderful because

it reaches a wider aud ience and is guaranteed not pique, it is unfortunate

because issues of faith and society are raised but not truly addressed.

For a social satire, it is not challenging as much as validating. I agreed with

everything this movie has too say so I was nodding along rather than

pausing to reevaluate.

Nevertheless, the firm can be regarded as a brilliant starting point to

encourage discourse on society. A film like this could not have been made

10 years ago and th is sincere, feel good movie may just result in people

engaging in soul searching and improving their lives and those of others.

Visual depiction and locales

Various locales like temples, gurdwaras, mosques and churches (religious

places of Hindus, Muslims, Christian and Sikhs) are shown throughout the

film. In its credits, the film thanks famous spiritual Guru Sri Ravi Shankar’s

Art of Living Foundation, as significant proportion of the film have been

shot at Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation, as sign ificant portions

which are important aspects of the film.

PK is movie which asks us to have your own beliefs but to be logical enough

to call a bluff when a person just rants about superstitious rituals you need

to undertake to please a supreme power.

Amir Khan’s PK broke all records when the movie was released. Becoming

the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time, PK stood out from the rest

of all time, PK stood out from the rest of the flicks and was lauded for its

unique plot. Amir Khan’s portrayal o f alien PK, with his green eyes, jutted

out ears and simpleton persona, also delight the audience to no end. Here

are ten life lessons that I garner from movie , which subliminally taught us a


1 Never trust strangers

Yes, never trust them! My parents a nd schoolteachers made it sure I had

grasped this crucial lesson way back in my adolescent years not to trust

those whom I knew not.PK unfortunately, did not get this concept well.

Standing but naked with his remote control pendant slinging from his neck,

the humanoid was ecstatic to see the turban clad human in the desert.

Taking advantage of PK astonishment, the man snatched his amulet,

thinking it to be value and jumped onto a running train. Poor PK, the

troubles commenced from thereon

2 Secrets are best kept hidden

No need to go around telling anyone you found a stash of Gold Early in the

film, when Jaggu informs an old man regarding a ticket she meant to

purchase from someone selling it in black, the old man promises her he

would purchase from someone s elling it in black, the old man promises her

he would pu rchase it on her behalf. However , the old man purchases the

ticket himself and makes for the theatre instead. As a result, both Jaggu

and Sarfaraz are deprived from attending the show!

3 Learn to recognize blessings in disguise !

Often misfortunes and tribulations befall us, making us wonder as to what

we did to deserve them. Yet , sometimes these unfortunate incidents

present something better and more lasting for us, in the long run! Had that

old man cheated Jaggu and Sarfaraz out of their ticket, both of them

wouldn’t have spent quality time together as a result, fall in love!

4 Some situations demand thinking on your feet

Life is a roller coaster and sometimes you might be in for a bumpy ride!

Imp rovisation might save your skin at times, as it did PK when the alien

plastered Bhagvan’s imagery across his cheek so that devotees would

abstain from slapping him red on the face!

5 Understanding cultures

I learned that it is imperative for a pe rson to be aware of his nation’s

diverse cultural traditions.PK’s lack of knowledge regarding customs led

him to asking a bribe –to -be dressed in all white, if her husband had passed


6 Money buys everything

Somehow I knew that always but PK highlighte d tis fact more than anything

else When Jaggy=u needed to pen down PK story in that lock up, what

prompted the policeman to change his mind and allow her in to the cell?

It’s a couple of bucks.

7 Co incidence

Not everything that happens to us in life contains a hidden meaning or is

sent down from the heaven! This happened to Pk when he visited a temple

and bought a Rs. 15 Bagman statue. Hopeful , the alien tried out his first

wish by requesting for some food and a passersby placed a mouthwat ering

samosa into his grateful hands! Convinced the Almighty was enclosed in a

minute statue and was listening to his urges , PK wished for ticket back to


8 Everyone deceives a simpleton

If you lack adequate knowledge on something or are a simple pe rson in

general, every person you meet is liable to take you a ride! This did happen

with PK, when talking advantage of his simple mindedness, the person who

had sold him Bhagvan inside the temple, sold him coconuts and water by

stating that inside, God wi ll physically hear his prayers and grant him his


9 Its better to clear up misunderstandings at the earliest

Misunderstanding can go a long way in creating hurdles and obstacles in

your relationships with people. The same happened with Jaggu when she

was left on the alter by Sarfaraz on her wedding day and both suspended


10 Preast and preaches can mis lead the masses

Especially in all region of the world, where lack of education and enlighten

ha mpers logical thinking , religious preachers can mislead the people like

Tapasvi did!. The reason can be many, ranging from their desire fto get 15

min of fame or pocket a hefty sum, you might be tricked into something

that is not actually true.

PK is as much a philosophy as a film. It takes the stranded alien theme a

familiar from classics like ET, but tells the tale equally from the lonely

alien’s eyes at times, evoking the beautiful story The Little Prince – as from

his human narrator ’s starting with the alien’s desperation captures the

fears and falsehood humans weave around faith. When PK decides to pray

for his remote, he’s bewildered about whom to pray.PK features brave

scenes -money extracted at temples, coconuts offered in confusi on at a

church, doling out tortuous advice and strong lines, including a Muslim girl

bravely asserting, ’Itna chota nahin ho sqta humarakhuda k usay hmaray

school Janay pr aetraz ho’ ’. Capturing faith whipped into hate, PK sterling

message, directed sensit ively, stands out.

A superb movie asking all us to take care of humanity rather than just

religion. Because humanity is the religion we must care about anything

else. Once again, Amir Khan takes away the light time and cool t see


Writer was so engrossed in making audience laugh especially on culture


The film conveys that spiritually and sceptism are related instincts, not

opposing forces. To question is not to condemn and PK questions get closer

to know the reality how cross cultural communication affect culture. He

does not question faith itself, but the rituals and rules and outwardly


Clothes, language, the different prayer define communication about


PK reminds us to use fresh eyes and a new perspective and tells that the

way it is can be so much better if we ate willing to fix it. It reminds us that

questioning ourselves and the deeply rooted preconceptions around us is

not just timely but necessary.

People have the right idea – we are only a few questions away fr om

salvation. If some people are using religion to spread hate, it is in us to use

it as a tool to spread love.

The sends ups of godmen and evangelism is definitely emulated. Especially

poignant is a scene where PK puts stickers of deceit on his face from being

beaten up after stealing, reminiscent of the way that simply mentioning

religion may shield those who presume to speak for God from any critism.

The above whole discussion provides conclusion and suggestion. By finding

the components of culture in PK movie we may conclusde that

1 There are some components of culture found in the movie, For instance

language, religion, and beliefs and norms. Language are essentially an

important civilization play an important part in culture. While religion and

belief s of the people in a civilization play an important role in shaping up of

the culture. The last norms, every society or every civilization has a set of


2 The cultural conflicts that exist in the movie as much as. Interpersonal

conflict, between individual between groups. All off the conflicts was

happened because the different perception from one people with another

people. It shows that interaction in social interaction.

Through this discussion we can get much knowledge as such as what is the

component of culture and cultural conflict .

The greatest strength and its greatest failing is its lighthearted tone renders

it safe and non -controversial. While this is wonderful because it reaches a

wider audience and is guaranteed not to offend, it is unf ortunate because

issues of faith and society are raised but not truly addresses or resolved .

For a social satire, it is not challenging as a much as validating. I agreed with

everything this movie has to say so I was nodding along rather than pausing

to re evaluate.

When human say that they love chicken or they love fish, they usually

mean that they love eating them and not that they are in love with these

creatures or so thinks PK. He is not from this planet but he understands

love better than humans. Perha ps with this we learn that only by

understanding and appreciating we become lovable and get awareness of

other culture.

This movie has raised carefully crafted masterpiece questioning the

questionable sensitive matters of world which we have to learn.

Appr eciating, Respect and Accept

Now summarizing the whole discussion in a nutshell, we may say that for

improving cultural communication one should follow the rule of Accept,

Appreciate and respect other culture and acknowledgement.

One should accept the diff erences of culture, appreciate those differences

and should respect other culture without criticizing.

Instead of becoming Ethnocentric one must follow these key rules. So, in

this way we make a world better place to live.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Name Intercultural Communication and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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