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Mystery Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band are both examples of the murder mystery genre

The murder mystery genre always includes four main ingredients. These are the crime, the villain, the victim and of course, the detective. Usually, in classic examples of this genre, the detective finds out what has happened and solves the crime. However, the above mentioned ‘ingredients’ can be mixed together to create different recipes for murder…

Traditional murder mystery

Detective stories are a type of mystery story that features a private detective or a police officer as the prime solver of a crime, usually a murder case. The detective questions the suspects, digs out clues, and tracks down the murderer. To make the case difficult for the detective and interesting to the reader, the…

Test Tube Mystery Lab Report

Solubility can be determined through reacting two chemicals together and see if a precipitate is created. Previous knowledge of the solubility rules will help disclose whether two chemicals will or will not create a precipitate. When two chemicals do create a precipitate, it will be easy to determine which chemicals they are. In the end,…

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Murder Mystery

The cottage was always quiet; the soft blue walls made it seem bigger than it actually was. Rachel had always lived there ever since her auntie died and left it to her. It was very remote, along a heavy-hedged back country lane, miles away from anyone else. Rachel returned from work one evening late and…

Mystery and Ghost Stories: The Signalman Analysis

Mystery Paragraphs Ghost stories are made to scare, horrify and build up suspense until you can’t bear it any more. Tension, it creates a atmosphere and when you don’t expect it strange things start to happen, maybe its paranormal activity or it could just be your mind playing tricks on you. It tends to make…

Felix Murder Mystery

He recently bought a 2-bed I-bath each house in an expensive neighborhood and decided to invite 4 of his friends over to his house. Their names were Kinder Goode, Vera Cruise, Gene Poole, and Alfred Fettuccine. The 4 friends didn’t like Felix very much, but since they were each equally placed in his will, they…

A Mystery Of Heroism

In the two short stories “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” and “A Mystery of Heroism,” time is a big theme that is loosely contorted and slowed down to show the character’s ways of coping with fear. During both of these stories, the main characters become almost paralyzed with fear when faced with death. These…

Murder Mystery Genre Analysis

These two stories are completely different from each other, only one of them follows the murder mystery genre we are used to.  A typical murder mystery usually revolves around a highly respected detective who always seems to find the murderer by the end of the story. We never get to know the victim very well in…

Another Mystery Raymond Carver

This sample essay on Another Mystery Raymond Carver provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The focus of both these poems is centred on life and death, on how in different stages of their lives people…

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