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1. Objective


2. Background of PAS Global


3. My Responsibilities at PAS


4. Description of my work


5. Techniques/Methods used on the work


6. Lesson learned


7. Future Plan 6


1. Objective:

The overall objective was to get insight of real-world applications such as e-commerce website with features including Single Sign On as well as feature of having access of external website in company’s system, which allowed me to acquire knowledge for my Capstone Project.

By achieving specific skill sets and experience I am one step closer to securing a job in the computer realm.

2. Background of PAS Global, LLC:

PAS is a major provider of process safety, cyber security, and asset reliability software system solutions for the energy, process, and power sectors around the world. PAS Cyber Asset Management and Operations Management solutions decrease risk, enhance process safety and promote compliance projects through a composite, heterogeneous and proprietary automation infrastructure for processes.

PAS Global is located worldwide.

PAS Global headquarters is placed in Houston’s Clear Lake City. Apart from the United States, it is situated in South Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, India, Qatar, Singapore as well as the United Kingdom. Within hundreds of worldwide manufacturing businesses, PAS solutions are seen as a mission critical and implemented enterprise-wide. PAS solutions are built in over 1,100 manufacturing plants in 70 nations, including 5 of the top 15 major power companies, 13 of the top 15 biggest chemical companies, and 10 of the top 15 biggest refining firms.

The PAS Global Project Operations team provides customers around the globe with execution services.

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Services include software deployment and PAS software system integration as well as ICS cybersecurity, alarm management, and high-performance HMI consulting services.

To assist clients efficiently optimize PAS software, the PAS Product Support Program (PSP) and PSP Plus provide technical and operational skills 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PAS University offers a range of training choices for PAS solutions and best practices in the sector. These include on-demand and web-based classes as well as workshops on PAS headquarters or client sites for instruction in the classroom style.

3. My Responsibilities at PAS:

To develop an e-commerce (Learning Management System) website for PAS University which includes following features:

• Develop three kind of learning courses such as classroom, E-learning as well as webinar.

• Attach WebEx in the Learning Management System in order to organize webinar sessions.

• Attach LinkedIn Learning in the Learning Management System to provide user external courses in one platform.

• A Learning Management System can send notification to Super admin if new user registers as well as send Power User a notification if user registers for a course. Notifications should be via email as well as on browser.

• Implement Single Sign On function, which allows user to access all the applications of PAS with only one set of credentials. If user already logged in to one system and if he opens other applications of PAS Global then system automatically logged in the user without asking any authentication.

• Publish the website as a

4. Description of my work:

As a product developer, I need to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript language in order to implement look and feel for end user. There are different views for each user such as customers, partners and employees. First of all, we have created simple template. We have created different web pages for customers, partners and employees.

There are three levels of visitors: users, power users, and superadmins, but the same login portal will be used by all users on a platform. Users are likely to be the majority of people who access LMS. A user is a type with fundamental LMS permissions. They can view training material and can not handle the features of the LMS. When a user logs into the platform, a restricted set of menu choices will be provided.

Superadmins can handle all of the platform’s aspects. All applications, characteristics, and configurations will be visible to them. There is no way within the scheme to restrict the permissions of a Superadmin.

A particular set of Admin permissions can be allocated to Power Users that can be used for certain users, classes, catalogs, places and more. However, there are some restrictions on the assignment of duties to Power Users. For each and every customer, we have distinct categories. Thus, assigning classes to the user is simple for Power User.

There’s another function called as a blog. Blog enables students to generate their own blog posts, comment and rate posts to make the teaching method more interactive and social.

We can also assign expert for particular channel. If candidate have any questions or query, they can directly “press ask the expert” button and they can get answers from the expert as soon as possible.

Each and every online course and teaching material has its own certificates. Once the customer finishes a course, online certificates can be obtained. The certification enables quick and easy creation of a certification program.

There is a feature which suggest user from where they should start learning which gives result by asking some questions like how much you knew about the course and this application helps you to find from where you should start.

Shopping cart enables the user with a valid payment gateway to market web-based courses.

External Training enables users to upload to the platform external operations and certificates such as LinkedIn Learning, which can then be imported and reviewed by administrators.

Administrators can generate badges – or awards – with the gamification function that students can receive to achieve stuff inside the LMS, and earning these badges generates a rating for each user.

Notification function creates automatic guidelines to notify the particular occurrences to your customers.

It also has specific languages feature as there are many customers who are from other countries.

5. Techniques/Methods used on the work:

We have used Sublime Text tool and Adobe photoshop in order to implement this system. We have used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP in order to implement the entire Learning Management System.

In order to implement shopping cart with payment, we used the PAYPAL payment gateway option.

For publishing the web site, it is necessary to have custom domain name which leads to Domain Name System configuration with our custom domain name. Domain Name System translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources. For secure data transfer we need custom domain. For that, we used SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the foundation of our safe Internet and it ensures your delicate data as it travels the world’s PC networks. SSL is basic for securing your site, regardless of whether it doesn’t deal with sensitive data like credit cards. It gives protection, basic security and information trustworthiness for both sites and users’ personal data.

To implement Single Sign On feature, initially we tried to do it with SAML. Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user verification service that allows an end client to enter one lot of login credentials, (for example, a name and password) and have the option to get access to different applications of the system. We have various option to implement SSO such as OKTA, SAML, ADFS. After facing some issues with SAML 2.0, we switched to OKTA. For that, we need XML metadata of our company as well as private key certificate.

For, implementing webinar session we have used WebEx as PAS Global already uses WebEx for internal meetings. So, it was easy to go with WebEx.

To enable email notification, first we need a valid account which allow to send trusted mails which means it is in SPF format. A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a kind of Domain Name System (DNS) record that can counteract email address forgery. Spammers can adulterate email headers so it would seem that they’re sending from an email address at your domain. So for that, we have used Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) method.

6. Lessons Learned:

By working at PAS Global, I didn’t only sharpen my technical skill sets, I learnt professionalism as well as some technical skills. I have sharpened my skills at Javascript, HTML, CSS as well as at JQuery and PHP. I have used Adobe Photoshop once or twice before. However, I learnt how to use it in professional world. For my school project purpose, I have just googled some images and make it to work. But, in professional world, we can’t simply use the googled images. We need to use some specific website such as as well as for the standard and images which have some set of rules. is used for icons and favicons.

Also, during my previous experience, I used to attend face to face meetings. I never have attended a professional meeting on internet. So, I didn’t only learn how to enter in online meetings. I learn that it is very important to set up microphones and camera before entering to meeting. If it is possible try to do test of each electronic item which you need during the meeting. I used to set up all the things ahead of time. But initially I didn’t test it before the meeting and caused me to face some issues during the meeting and resulted into distraction.

7. Future Plan:

I want to be a software developer in a reputed company like PAS Global after my graduation. I am seeing myself as a Senior Software Developer within next eight years. I want to explore more and more in this field. That’s why, I like to learn about different technologies. After 12-15 years, when I will gain enough experience, I want to be a team lead. I want to guide my team how to manage such kinds of projects and how to mitigate risks.

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