My Vision of Events in the Book

From pages 163 to 213, Charlie’s letters focus on school without his friends, prom night, and his school’s graduation.

Charlie spends prom night sitting in his room alone, thinking about how different school was without his friends and how he hopes everyone’s night was great. His sister went to prom with her boyfriend: Eric, Sam with Craig, Mary Elizabeth with Peter, and Patrick with Alice. Prom was going great for everyone until Peter overheard Sam talking eagerly to Mary Elizabeth about how Craig might be the one for her and different ways she can maintain a long-distance relationship with him.

He knew he had stepped in, so he walked over to Craig telling him he has to confess to her or else he would. Craig pulled Sam over and tells he has been cheating from the start.

Charlie and his family return home from his sister’s graduation and went to a bar. In the first hour, Charlie’s sister opens all the gifts she got from her relatives.

Halfway through the party, Charlie’s mom tells him he has a phone call. Sam asks him if he was available, but he tells her he will be there after his sister’s party is over. He meets with them at the nightclub and spends the night dancing with Sam. Later on, Charlie and his friends go to Peter’s apartment. He gives them all thoughtful graduation presents. He gives Alice a film book, Mary Elizabeth a copy of My Life as a Dog on a videotape, and Sam and Patrick a copy of his novels.

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He goes home since it’s one am and a school night.

In part four of the book, Bill’s teaching helps Charlie grow and Sam explains to Charlie that he is being dishonest with himself when he tries to please everyone without being okay with it himself.

Charlie’s English teacher Bill, helps Charlie’s character grow tremendously throughout the book. The books he has given him helped his mental health, it took his mind off of all the problems he’s been facing for a moment. “I’ve been reading The Fountainhead for the past few days, and it’s an excellent book”(Chbosky 166). Bill invites him to the house and tells Charlie that he gave him all of those books because he is a gifted student which almost makes him cry. Bill’s support makes up for the lack of emotional support at home.

Sam asks Charlie if he wanted to kiss her on the dancefloor. He told her that he did but he wanted what was best for her and she replies, “It’s great that you can listen and be a shoulder to someone, but what about when someone needs a shoulder” (Chbosky 200). Sam helps Charlie see that he needs to put himself first instead of going out of his way trying to be a good friend.

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