My Views on Political News

I do not have any particular or strong views on politics. I do not keep up with any of the politics or news that comes from there because I am not into it. Although there are some views and perspectives I can sometimes agree on even though I do not really associate myself with that political party. For example, Donald Trump wanted the United States of America to have better and more secure security on the southern border. I agree with that to a certain extent.

I believe we should have better boarder security because there are many immigrants illegally crossing the border and coming to the United States. Even though some are coming to America for a better life, we, the United States of America, cannot allow this to happen. There have been instances where immigrants would be basically a drug mule for , for example, the cartel and would carry drugs over the boarder secretly.

Of course, I know not all of them do that, but it can still cause the US to collapse if more drug paraphernalia is brought in to the country.

But at the same time, I don’t agree with Trump on what he does with the illegal immigrants and how he takes their children from them. But the things I don’t agree on, trumps views, are that the United states president wants to build a HUGE wall and make Mexico pay for it. Which makes no sense. Mexico would never fund for something like that.

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It would be a lot more simple if we had more efficient and better security at the border. I also think that the states should have a little more power because they would understand what would be better for the people of that state than the federal government. Like legalizing weed. I think the states should have some say in what drug is legal and illegal, and not only up to the federal government From saying that, I believe that I would associate myself with the democratic party because I feel as if the people should have the power and choose what we want best for us.

I am not the type of person to ignore a candidate for not having the same political views as me. If I can agree on a few topics that they covered, and I truly feel as if they would be a great fit for what they are running for then I would vote for them even though they are, for example, from the republican party. After taking the test I wasn’t much off from what political party I chose. I chose the democratic party and I got the liberal party. Both political parties are not much different from each other, but they do have some differences. The political parties Democratic and Liberal are meant to be in common, and the political parties Republicanism and conservative party have the same in common also. The overall meaning of conservatism is basically trying to take positions that involve less risk and less changes to the United states, and the term Liberal means basically the opposite which is they often want to expand social programs and spend more on them.

I can see my self being apart of the Libertarian party because its more about free- will and not needing the government to tell us what to do in our personal and work life. From what I researched about the party, libertarians strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another. They basically want the government to not be involved in our business to cut and eliminate taxes at every opportunity. The libertarian party believed that the government is only meant to protect the people of the country of force and fraud. When I took the test, it gave me somewhat the same results as one of the most known activists from India, Mahatma Gandhi, and realizing now I have somewhat the same views as him.

I also took notice that I am a left winger. At first, I had no idea what that was until I looked it up and I noticed some other left wingers . So, from what I read a left winger is a person who supports or belongs to the liberal, socialist, or radical section of a political party or system, and a right winger belongs to the conservative side of politics. Before starting this essay, I did not know what mostly any of these terms meant. I have heard of them before, but I have never looked them up to see what they meant. After doing this I can partially agree with myself being a liberal and not a conservative. Conservatives think too much of the past and not much of the future, and ideally not going to change their traditional values and attitudes, usually in relation to politics. By that I mean that the Conservative party would not like for the united states to change, but instead would like us to remain the same and to limit change. In the libertarian party they think the opposite if what the conservative party believe.

The libertarian party believes in change and are open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values in related to politics and governing the country. After doing the readings on what it takes to be a liberal, a conservative, a right winger and left winger my view on them has changed. At first, before the research, I thought that right winger was for democrats or republicans, but it is really for liberals, capitalism and constitutional republicanism. For left winger I thought that it was for more strict and unpopular political parties such as communism, anarchism, and socialism. I knew what a few terms meant such as democrat and republican. A democrat is basically somewhat the same as a conservative, and the republican party means more of a capitalism type of control.

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