My very Italian family by Daria Bignardi Review

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In this autobiographical novel (original title: ” Non vi lascerò Orfani “) looks Daria Bignardi with a laughing and a crying eye back into her life. She has an older sister named Donatella is married and has two children. At the center of the story are her now deceased parents.

about Her research also back to the year 1880. As a great-grandfather Giuseppe Bignardi on Christmas dies, he leaves behind ten children. The extended family is full of illustrious personalities and lives scattered throughout the world.

Daria Bignardis grandfather studied veterinary medicine, a cousin is a missionary to Somalia. Daria likes to hear the story of a relative who kills a Carabiniere in Sicily a bandit and receives a medal.

Gianna Rosa, Daria’s mother, is the daughter of a banker from the Bianchi family. They have noble blood in their line and are – in the opinion of the mother – better people than the selfish Bignardis. Already the grandfather drove luxury cars, and in 1942 you can enjoy another holiday.

Even more feel Gianna Rosa to be enslaved by her family because because the salary is not enough of her extroverted man, she has to work as a teacher. The financial management and education of the two common daughters Donatella and Daria burden them further. Daughter Daria’s relationship with her mother is not easy. Gianna Rosa is overprotective, she has a phobia of diseases. So Daria designed to keep any worries away from her a strategy.

After the death of her mother Daria finds a friendship book with loving, personal lines of classmates.

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So much sympathy and recognition was given to her mother so. Daria commented. “But love is love only when it is no longer there, you realize how much she is missing one, even if it was previously hard to bear.”

In the book inside cover are reproduced a few private portrait photographs from the early 20th century – certainly they show members of the families at issue in the book. This gives the reader the feeling (illusion?) A comfortable familiarity with the above persons. On the other hand, the author places the episodes from the relationship more spontaneous associative each other, not in chronological order, and so because there is no consistent story line, it is easy to lose track of the family tree of Bignardi family.

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