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My dad, being a businessman, does not have a lot of time for us and so as a compensation

we go for family tours to different countries. I am a born Canadian, but my parents belonging to

India, has always popped a wish in me, of visiting India – My Home Country. It was December

2017, when we were deciding on our winter holidays and I was asked for a suggestion. India, being

on my wish list would always top my suggestions list and hence, our family, which includes me

and my parents, decided to visit India as the last they visited was about 20 years ago.

We started off from here, well-prepared for a long, exhausting but an exciting flight. After

about a 30 hours long flight, he reached one of the metropolitan cities there, Mumbai. Mumbai, as

they say, is a city of dreams, with multiple historic destinations, beautiful hill stations, some

peaceful beaches and a very fascinating film industry. Our list of visit was limited to only three to

four places as we were there in India only for 5 days, excluding our travel.

We had thought of

deciding the list of places to be visited after we were done with the dinner. We were staying at our

ancestral house, where my grandparents used to live. We lost them a few years ago and so nobody

resides there now. My father has appointed people to look after the cleanliness and safety of the

house. It was almost evening when we reached home so we decided to rest for the day and start

afresh early the next morning.

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After taking a good nap of about 2 hours we gathered at the dinning

for my first ever meal in India–a country known for its diversity, be it diversity in terms of

geographical, linguistic, dietary, religious, or social-cultural features. I am fond of Indian dishes

Parekh 2

and hence it was like a feast for me. The dishes were tasted so good that I did not want my stomach

to have enough ever but as it is rightly said, nothing lasts forever. After the grand feast, we moved

to our living room for our family time and finally decide upon the plan for upcoming days. Upon

pondering and after a lot of discussions, we had ended up deciding to visit The Gateway of India–

a historical monument; and Imigica–a fun world and an amusement park. After a long discussion,

we decided to part our ways towards our rooms and rest for the night.

Next day, we woke up early morning as we had decided to walk to the nearby beach as it

has one of the very beautiful views of sunrise. It was about time when we reached there and I was

happy we did not miss it. Once the sun started showing up the horizon, a peaceful silence took

over, and I was astounded to see the view in front of me. The beautiful sky having different colors,

the almost hidden sun trying to show its face, birds flying and chirping and the waves touching our

feet. After spending about 2 hours at the beach we returned home and decided to meet after

freshening up for a brief breakfast followed by a visit to The Gateway of India.

We reached the destination nearly around noon. It is not a very big place to roam around

but India has about thousands of stories associated to it–some stories whereas the others myths.

Glancing upon the historical importance of the monument, then the monument was built in the

memory of the landing of the first British monarch in early twentieth century. Afterwards, it was

used as a harbor to British government to get the goods and as an entry to India. It is located on

the waterfront such that it overlooks the Arabian Sea. It also holds importance for the Jewish

community. After enjoying the beach and the view at the monument, we decided to call it a day as

it was almost supper time. We reached home, again enjoying new Indian dishes and finally called

it a day.

Parekh 3

Next day, that is the third day, we kept it light. We visited the local market, shopped for

almost everybody who was waiting for us back in Canada, came home and the day ended pretty

soon. The next day we were supposed to go to the amusement park but unfortunately, we had

something very dreadful written in our destiny. We started off the day as usual, and we were

travelling with two more families who were our neighbors. We started the journey off about two

and a half hours. We were enjoying the journey with snacks, drinks and soft music with the elders

talking among themselves in the front seats whereas we the youngsters occupied the back seat and

the trunk of the big mini-bus. Suddenly from nowhere, a car came and hit our bus on the side where

our parents were resting. It was so sudden that we blacked out for a few minutes. Coming back to

senses, we realized my parents were the ones to have maximum injuries and they had passed out

on the spot. We rushed them to the nearby hospital and they were taken into observation

immediately. Those ten hours were the most dreadful hours of my life where I had nobody to stand

by me. That was the day I actually grew old and mature. It taught me a lot and the trip to India was

the one I would not ever forget.

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