My Teachers' Impact on My Jazz Performance

This year Mrs. Lewis. our jazz band instructor applied or a grant from the school. This grant was used to hire the old Center band instructor Mr. Rizzo. He taught us how to improvise. He focused on four key concepts: right notes, repetition. sequencing, and peak. In jazz band… especially while soloing there is the common misconception that there is no such thing as wrong notes. Sadly this is incorrect Mr. Rizzo taught us the specific cords and the right notes that we should be playing.

Only a week had passed and he had taught us how to play the right notes. Repetition IS a huge concept in jazz soloing. Without repetition solos are not very catchy. Repetition is what allows the audience to remember your solo.

Mr Rizzo focused alot on repetition allowing us to make catch upbeat solos. Sequencing just like repetition it is a series of notes that you play a select amount of times.The only difference between the two is that in sequencing you change notes and keep the rhythm the same unlike repetition where you use the same notes sequencing has variation.

PEAK! Mr. Rizzo would shout this at us in order to make us play loudly. Now that we are at the end of the year | now know why he forced us to peak. Peaking in a solo is a very important thing and it allows audiences to really get involved, Thanks to Mrs. Lewrs and Mr. Rizzo we now have developed far past our natural abilities.

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A huge thanks goes to the school and our music teachers. They have helped us become the best that we ever could be.

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