My Special PlaceEveryone in the world has a special place A place

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My Special Place

Everyone in the world has a special place. A place that makes them feel safe, protected, and happy. The reason we like a certain place is different for everyone. For me, my special place is my family’s garden in my lovely large backyard. When I was 9 we were moving to the house we currently live in, there were quite a few trees in our backyard and since our old home had little space in the backyard, my dad thought it was the perfect opportunity to grow a garden.

We have been working on this garden for about 5 to 6 years. I would say this garden is my special place because when I feel stressed I can go there and relax, I can do my work without any distractions, and I feel safe there.

The garden had rows of trees with beautiful green leaves. There were many trees like apple trees with delicious apples, sweet yet tart oranges from our orange trees, sour and bitter lemons from the lemon trees, and many more.

Flowers with soft petals and flowers with spiky thorns. You can see many shades of colors like the pink soft flowers, the blood red roses and as well as the gorgeous white roses including more. When you walk through the garden you can see and hear different types of gorgeous birds with beautiful feathers chirping to one another.

When I was stressed I would go walk up from my house up towards the garden and lay down on the ground, feeling the dewy green grass beneath my back, and look up towards the peaceful blue sky, breathing in the fresh air through my nose.

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When a breeze passes by, you can see the beautiful green leaves slowly sway. The garden gives off a peaceful aura to me which in turn makes me feel very relaxed. Next to the garden there is a stream with fast and icy water in which we like to throw smooth pebbles in it. On the other side of the garden, there is a pond that we have which sometimes have geese with their beautiful white feathers and ducks which would quack to one another. Though the garden is full with trees, my family still would still add more trees and flowers. Sometimes me and my family go over by the garden to relax and have funny and heartwarming conversations.

Reasons why that this garden is my special place is because sometimes when it gets too loud at my house and I can’t focus on my work, I would go out to the garden so that I can focus without any distractions. Also, when I just want to relax without having to worry about anything or anyone, I just go towards the garden. My family and I built this garden with our own hands so I had to work a lot of days to help with my family to create this garden so I’m proud of what my family and I accomplished. Another reason I love the garden is because I love nature and animals because we used to live in the city where we had little space in our backyard so I never had the chance to be with animals and experience nature like now. I like that certain animals come here like birds and how everything is all green and growing.

In the end, the garden will always be my special place because I always feel protected when I am there. I’ll always go there when I need to feel calm and be stress free. And when I need peace and quiet, I know I can always go the garden. We will still continue to make the garden grow larger and larger into a bigger and beautiful garden. In the end I believe everyone would always have their special space, even though it takes longer for others, where they can relax so when things get a little heated they know where they can cool off.

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