My Reflective Statement on Marketing

My learning style has changed from the time I embarked on this course. I have found out my strengths and weaknesses in as far as learning is concerned. At first my understanding of marketing was limited and I thought marketing was just about buying and selling only. However, I now understand that Marketing involves other activities such as organisation, distribution, product promotion, pricing and advertising. Working as a group in class activities when doing case studies and lectures has greatly enhanced my knowledge of marketing as well as improving my learning skills.

What I have learned about myself is that when working as a group I make contributions to group discussions and I tend to remember issues discussed for a long time. However, the only downside about group work is that some members spend more time discussing irrelevant issues and I consider this as disruptive behaviour. . My perception about marketing has drastically changed due to the fact that I have spent more time researching on the internet, textbooks, journals and newspapers and this has exposed me to a wide variety of information that I consider important for the purpose of my study.

My own perception about brands is that some people associate brands with designer products or expensive good and branding can be segmented to suit the individual or group of people. Brand names are not restricted to product and goods, but may also include services and names of successful celebrities such as David Beckham. However, I also now know that consumers are cautious about where they want to buy the products and goods they need particularly where the supplying organisation or company is reputable.

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Reputable companies are normally always associated with quality products.

Some customers will not buy inexpensive goods or products, because they associate price with quality. However, knowing such customers’ behaviour will tremendously inform the company’s decision on pricing. Media plays an important role in all Marketing activities and any company or organisation that aspires to be successful needs a Public Relations department that should be capable of articulating the image of the organisation and its employees. It is the role of the Public Relations department of any company to identify and give advice on the best type of media to use when marketing the company’s products.

The target market also plays an important role on the decision about the type of media that has to be employed. For example if the target market is top companies chief executives or other affluent members of society the use of elitist media such as The Retail Bulletin, and The Economist become appropriate. However, I have learned that it is important for a company or organisation to understand the consumer behaviour of its customers and this knowledge can help the company to identify the products that are in demand and the extent of demand of a product could determine the pricing mechanism the company may employ. My perception of marketing has changed as a result of this module and my learning style had been affected in a positive way and I am looking forward to working harder in the second semester.


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My Reflective Statement on Marketing
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