My Reflections on Shakespeare's Othello

I love Shakespeare, so really enjoyed reading Othello. It kept my attention and made me want to keep reading more because it had a very interesting plot. As I was reading it, it really reminded me of the Count of Monte Cristo, which I have not finished yet but am really enjoying as well, Because Edmond Dantes, the main character of the novel, is about to become the captain of a ship and marry a beautiful woman, his “friend” Danglars gets him arrested because of his jealousy.

He wanted to be captain of the ship and thought he deserved it rather than Dantes. Danglers then plots to have Dantes arrested, which he does, Dantes spends many years in jail but escapes and seeks revenge. This is very similar to Othello because Iago did not like Othello because he did not pick him for a promotion and supposedly suspected Othello of sleeping with his wife, and therefore seeks revenge on Othelloi Not surprisingly, Iago really annoyed me.

Othello and Desdemona seemed so happy. It was only because Iago was upset that he got passed up for a promotion that he wreaked all this havoc and caused many of the characters to die. It is because of his anger and his position that she sought revenge and brought down all these people with him. Hence, I do believe Othello would be a good piece of writing through a Marxist lens, because each character can be a representation of their clas s, and it would be interesting to analyze the how that all act towards one another and the actions that it leads them to conduct.

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The story even begins with Iago expressing his discontent about his position in the lower class and becomes the antagonist of the whole play. He is very manipulative and is hungry for revenge.

Rodrigo is an interesting character as well because he was one of the main characters to fall for the manipulation of Iago. Rodrigo is a young and rich man, but still wants something that he can’t have… Desdemona. He then works with Iago to bring Othello to his downfall but it backfires because Othello ends up killing her, Interestingly enough, Cassio was the only one who seemed content with his position because he was so distraught that he got drunk when he was supposed to be on guard duty, and felt like he disappointed Othello when he fired him. Cassio was the only one who did not die that was part of Iago’s scheming. I would like to go a bit deeper into this topic, so I will write about it for my final paper.

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