My Impression of The Concert

The concert started with reggaeton music playing on the huge speakers. The music was played while the artist got ready to perform. The concert was of a music style called Bachata, Latin American music. Bachata can be traced back to the Dominican Republic in the mid-1980s. Overall I would say the artist has a voice baritone. The dynamics of most of the songs were mezzo piano and mezzo forte. Most of his songs stayed in the medium soft and medium loud.

The pattern of the artist was to always start soft with his sons and eventually to a crescendo. In live songs, the musician makes many cadences throughout his songs. I also notice that all his songs had a melody along with a harmony making them homophonic songs. Instruments that I notice were used in his concert were: a guitar, electric guitar, bongos, Tambora drum, and some kind of maracas. For example in the song “Eres Mia”, Romeo Santos starts to sing without instruments, and his vocals are present throughout the entire section of the song.

His vocals styles are very smooth and legato. The words seem to blend. Romeo starts to sing, and the instruments unexpectedly cut out for about five seconds. During that part, it was just him singing acapella, which was surprising to me since I now know how instruments form a big part in the vocalist’s melody. In the last section of the song like the last two minutes the rhythms of the song change.

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The vocals are the most important and so are all the guitars used because they stand out the most. The song ends with Romeo singing Spanish to English. Overall, this song is great it can put anyone dance if they are interested in bachata style. The concert of Romeo Santos was a new experience for me, not because of the artist, but because it was the first time I attend a real-life concert. The concert was very amusing. There were big speakers to hear the artist’s vocals and instruments. I enjoyed the concert because I know most or all of the artist’s songs. His song’s made my mood change from sadness, to excitement, and happiness. It’s impressive to see the singer sing and at the same time dance or move around the arena without stopping or losing keynotes. I would say the artist sang more than 10 songs in total, maybe I lost count but it’s nice to hear live songs. It’s also impressive how the musicians and singers can have a lot of energy for hours. It’s not such a surprise that live songs don’t sound as same as recorded. A specific song he sang that changed my whole mood was “Soberbio” which means too much pride or stubbornness. The song is about a man realizing that love can not be bought with all the money in the world. The voice is between bass and baritone. The song changed my mood from excitement to sadness. Most of his songs spoke about love and are very intimate.

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