My final was the outcome of the combination of two artists my

My final was the outcome of the combination of two artists; my first artist being ‘PRRINT’ and my second artist being ‘Carl Beazley’. I had first started with my a mindmap of ideas and images that linked to the topic Forces; this lead to my proposal, stating my initial idea and concept for this project. It was to capture human beauty in its most natural form; my initial idea was to present the force of beauty through my final piece. The next stage in my creative process was to do research on both the artists to learn their backgrounds and their own themes; this lead to creating a visual study for each artist.

By doing this I was able to learn different painting techniques used by each artist.

Learning different techniques enabled me to broaden my options and discover what I could potentially use to convey my intention best. My next step was to a photoshoot, edit the images on photoshop and to make a composition to create two of my own pieces inspired by each artist. Once completed I needed to test materials and compositions to use for my final. My final step to my creative process was to create my mini-final: a practice section of my final that is done in order to time how long it takes to complete that section. This all finally led to my final.

The colour of my final was warm and neutral, using red undertones the majority of the time although I hadn’t created a clear contrast as I wanted the background to compliment the face rather than contradict it.

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I feel the use of positive and negative space is proportionate for this piece; having an equal ratio of face to background. The face itself was two-dimensional while also creating an illusion due to the way it has been distorted. Some of the creative processes I used to convey my intention was testing materials to combine for the final as well as exploring different compositions, taking layout ideas from both artists. My success criteria was that my final had to relate to both artists while still being unique as well as completing my final within the 10-hour time limit. Currently, I have not completed my final as I haven’t incorporated my first artist yet; I plan to use the same drawing techniques as I did from the first artist. From my second artist, my final was inspired from the distortion of a face and the layout; I had used a similar style of dotted painting for my final. The painting style that I chose was ideal for this piece as it created naturalistic blemishes on the face; the blemishes compliment my initial idea as the face still looks beautiful but not perfect.

The lighting that I had chosen during the photoshoot created a shadow across the left side of the model’s face. I had chosen to do this to present my bending skills and add more depth to the painting. For the composition of this piece I chose to edit the model’s face in order for there to be negative space in the centre of the painting as well as around the paining. When editing I had to do a lot of trial and error in order for the face to link up evenly and equally.

Only one of my artists influenced the current outcome of my final so far, as it isn’t completed yet although I plan to incorporate techniques of my first artist in the near future. The inspiration and techniques I plan to take from the first artist (PRRINT) are the style of drawing of muscles; I plan to do this in pen with thin strokes in the centre of my final piece. The ideas that I have already incorporated from my second artist (Carl Beazley) have been the colour palette, composition style- having the face in two sections but conjoined as well as distorted- and the dotted painting style that was used to create natural textures.

I feel my visual imagery will be successful when completed due to the image being so distorted while the textures of the face are naturalistic; I feel the painting has a good contrast of realism and fiction. I also feel once the piece is completed my intended message will be clear as, stated above, the painting style creates blemishes but the painting is still beautiful yet not perfect while the muscles will convey the beauty of a human ‘stripped’ to its natural form through anatomy. To improve next time, I would get my composition of my piece as well as how I will incorporate both of my artists into my final before the exam begins; this is what I struggled with the most as I was slightly under prepared.

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