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My extra credit essay Essay

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It may be hard to believe, but the Odyssey by Homer, a 2,700-year-old epic poem about gods and monsters, clearly symbolizes my goal to become an NBA player. This is because the Odyssey is an allegory- a story that has hidden, interconnected symbols. While on the surface the Odyssey tells the tale of a Greek general returning home from the Trojan war, it is also a metaphor for the struggles and challenges everyone faces in their lifetime. When the obstacles I will face, including staying focused, passing the MTEL exam and getting to college, the epic poem symbolizes my life’s journey to becoming an NBA player.

The first step in to remain focused on my studies in college. While away at school, I am going to face many temptations that will pull me away from my studies, including parties, friends, and the total freedom living away from home brings. This matches with Odysseus’ struggles with the Lotus Eaters. The Lotus Eaters are a peaceful tribe that offer Odysseus and his men a plant that will make them addicted and forget about their journey home. The two obstacles are related because in each case a person could about the important goal they have in mind and instead become distracted and uninterested in furthering their journey. After defeating this first obstacle, I am sure to be challenged again.

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The next obstacle I will face as I journey to become an NBA Player is practicing on my skills. This practice, this practice is like a good worksheet that improves skills, is the last step in obtaining a license to become an NBA Player. Without it, I’m not going to be able to go and do good in college to get to the NBA. This obstacle resembles the challenge of the Cyclops faced by Odysseus. The Cyclops, a huge one-eyed cannibal, imprisons Odysseus and his men and eats them in pairs. The obstacles are similar because in each case, an obstacle keeps the individual trapped somewhere. Without defeating this obstacle, the individual remains trapped where they are. In order to defeat the Cyclops, Odysseus used his intelligence to come up with a clever plan involving misleading the monster with a false name, getting it drunk, and blinding it so they could escape unobserved. I will similarly need to use my intelligence to prepare for the NBA and defeat it. Once I pass this obstacle, only one more will remain.

The final obstacle I will face is getting Drafted. As with many careers, there are fewer spots in the NBA that I can get. In order to get Drafted, I will have to show my hard work and convince an NBA Scouts that I am a better than another person. This relates to the Test of the Bow that Odysseus faced. Once he returned to Ithaca, he found over a hundred suitors vying to marry his wife. She proposed a challenge to them to see who was worthy to marry her, thinking no one would succeed. The test involved stringing and firing Odysseus’ bow, successfully passing an arrow through a series of targets. Odysseus was able to do this, defeating the competition and proving to his wife that he was still worthy of her. The two situations are similar because in each case, competition in the form of other challengers who share the same goal must be defeated for a person to achieve their final objective. I will need to show the NBA Scouts that I have interesting and great skills and am a great match for the school in order to defeat the competition.

By examining the obstacles, I will face on my journey to become an NBA Player, the Odyssey is an allegory for the struggles in everyone’s life. I will face Lotus Eaters, Scylla and Chary bids, and a Cyclops in the form of staying focused, passing important drills and certain targets, and successfully become an NBA Player. In reading the Odyssey and exploring Odysseus’ struggles, I have learned the importance of humility and maintaining my composure in the face of difficult times and will use this knowledge to help me on my future adventures.

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