My Experience of Cooking Ramee Noodles Essay

Whether you plan on staying at North Lake or you plan on going away to college we know ALL college students Like wings that are easy, cheap, fast and delicious Ill. If you do like easy, cheap, fast and delicious then you need to listen while I show you how to make a delicious, cheap, easy and fast meal out of Ramee Noodles and bratwurst. ‘V. This speech will show you Just how easy it is to whip up a cheap meal that taste great in under 7 minutes from start to finish.


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Today I will show you how to prepare the noodles and bratwurst, cook them and basically throw them together for a quick meal packed full of protein and carbohydrates, both essential to busy poor college kids. BODY The first step is to gather the materials you need to make the Ramee and ratters dinner. A. There are several supplies that are needed for making this meal.

1 . You will need a package of chicken flavored Ramee Noodles. A. You will also need a pair of scissors to open the packages. 2. You will also need a saucepan, a measuring cup and a timer. . You will need 2 cups of water. 3. You will need one bratwurst. A. You will need a knife to cut the bratwurst. 4 Humanly you need a Doll Ana an appetite. II. The second step is to start cooking your Ramee Noodles and Bratwurst. A. First you will need measure out two cups of water and pour the water into the saucepan.

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1. Then you will need to turn the stove to high and wait for the water to boil. B. Second, while waiting for the water to boil, cut the Ramee Noodle package open with the scissors and pull out the seasoning package. . Cut open the seasoning package with the scissors and pour it into your bowl. While waiting for the water to boil, cut your Brat into h inch slices. D. When the water starts to boil pour the Ramee Noodles into the saucepan and add your slices of bratwurst. 1 . Set your timer for three minutes. C. Third, Ill. Lastly, after the timer goes off, turn off the stove and pour your noodles, brats and water into your bowl. A. Stir the noodles, brats and water around so that the seasoning is mixed in really well. B.

Once the noodles and brats cools off (this usually takes a couple of minutes) dive in to you’re delicious, cheap, easy and fast meal. CONCLUSION l. So there are three main steps in cooking your cheap, easy, fast and delicious college meal. A. Gather the materials. B. Cook the Ramee Noodles and Bratwurst. C. Throw everything together in a bowl. I hope I have inspired you to add this cheap, fast, easy and delicious meal to your college diet.

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My Experience of Cooking Ramee Noodles Essay
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