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My English class 110 at Columbia College was full of knowledge and Essay

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My English class 110 at Columbia College was full of knowledge and writing strategies. Learning the subject from an expert means learning new concepts daily. This class made me much better writer as compared to my first English class in this course and credit goes to my teacher. English class was mix emotion for me from nervousness, stress to excitement and comfortable. This class has made me a better learner and I have developed interest in learning.ENGL110 has helped me a lot in improving both written and spoken English.

In the beginning, we talked a little about previous week’s topics like reflection essay, final proposal essay. I leant about informing and observing essay types. We discussed how people look differently at same picture and see different things. We learnt that when writing an informing essay most important thing is information not our own opinion and we should detach ourselves from that because we are so accustomed of injecting into our writing that we need a lot of reminders to resist that impulse and focus on the task.

Our teacher explained importance of nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjective. It is important to have a balance and meaningful sentence. We learnt that what happened if you use comma or adjective at wrong place and how it could change shape of the sentence. Learning vocabulary was probably the best starting point when learning concepts during class. During class, I was so impressed that how Fair Canadian learning system is where we must give credit to the writer for everything even we use them as reference and cite every source and reference. There are lists of many articles and stories in our book on different concepts, which I find a great source to consult while writing an essay.

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I found stories of our program head Kris and a Canadian poet Evelyn Lau inspiring. I was touched about Canadian poet Evelyn Lau and how she became so successful from a homeless person to a famous novel writer and poet and Kris from first nation person to a successful teacher. I leant from their story that there is always hope even in the darkest night and God helps them go help themselves. The teacher introduced a lot of different concept to look at the same topic. There are many fun things for me to take along from this course. My English class has introduced me to new concepts of learning English, essay writing, making new friends and all student from different background learning same education in a very fun loving environment.

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