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The primary benefits of the My Doctor application are patient-centric in terms of who benefits from the tool. Our app can make the process of finding a specialist physician, who is an expert in treating a prospective patient’s needs, easier and more efficient for My Doctor users. However, we do recognize the potential for misuse through dishonest patient behaviors. While My Doctor is a powerful tool designed to benefit patients’ needs, if misused, it can potentially cause harm to physicians and patients.

For physicians, it is possible that a dishonest patient can use My Doctor as an easier means to abuse prescription drugs. For physicians, there is a risk from a financial and/or legal perspective if something happens to the patient, as well as a risk to their reputation. For patients looking to dishonestly acquire and abuse prescription drugs, medication that is prescribed without due diligence can potentially endanger the life of their patient. However, My Doctor is committed to its ethical and social responsibilities.

Dishonesty can have a negative impact on our stakeholders, and we aspire to mitigating misuse and abuse of our platform, without limiting the potential benefits for patients. We are also committed to our stakeholders, which include: employees, patient users, investors, and our community. For our employees, their careers could be negatively impacted if we fail to perform our due diligence in preventing dishonest use of our app. Dishonesty can clearly have a negative impact our customers—which includes patient users as well as the doctors who use our service.

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Physicians through potentially losing their practice if they are complicit in providing medications to dishonest patients, and patient users of My Doctor could be impacted negatively if they provide false symptoms to attain medications that may harm them. Our investors would be negatively impacted from dishonesty if we do not put in place policies and procedures to mitigate it, and therefore face negative financial or legal consequences.

And finally, our community at large is as important as our other stakeholders. If we fail to mitigate dishonest uses of My Doctor, the repercussions could be devastating to our community—we must ensure that our procedures address potential for abuse through dishonest behaviors. My Doctor believes that physicians are well suited to use their medical training in deciding whether or not MyDoctor is a suitable means for addressing their patients’ medical needs. We believe in the importance of supporting physicians in upholding their hippo crating oaths.

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