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When we speak of our dedication to our academic and professional path, oftentimes the personal fortitude needed and sacrifices made to fulfill our dreams are never revealed. While I have committed the last 7 years of my life to the pursuit of Dentistry education and professional exposure, Nobody I know lands more position fulfillment than I do. I make an immediate and often dramatic difference in individuals’ lives, and I cherish doing as such. Now, I am submitting this personal statement in the hopes of continuing to specialize in endodontics.

Ever since I was first introduced to endodontics, I realized I had discovered my place in the field of dentistry. I was enchanted with the beauty of the specialty, the intrinsic challenge to our dexterity, and analytic ability. While I gave everything I could as far as my energy and time to my studies and clinical experiences, I was left needing to do that much, and a more elevated amount, one that no one but endodontics could and professionally fulfill.

During my undergraduate years in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, I could not decide which speciality that I found myself in but by the fourth year in dental school I become highly interested in the field of endodontics and having incredible enthusiasm for the science in the biology of tooth growth, innervation, and regeneration, I was extremely interested in the practical applications of combining the latest in materials and technology with precise techniques to be able to possibly save teeth , instead, of extracting them.

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At the end of my internship, I enrolled in Endodontics mini-residency program for four months, during my time in the program I’ve gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge. My interest in Endodontics grew to become my passion as I began shadowing Dr. Ammar Abu Mustafa in his private clinical days at the hospital I learned patient interactions, patient management, how to make the right decisions in times of difficulty, and how to give your best. Picking up your approach and attitude and value that a good assistant adds to a dental practice. In addition, I was shadowing Dr. Bushra Faez Al Shoaib in her academic days during pre-clinic laboratory and clinical session for undergraduates students. After observing Dr. AlShoaib’s interaction with her student, her outstanding education and being a role model for the student. I start to interact and help student during pre-clinic lab I saw students become more confident in my capability in helping them and, as a result, Dr. AlShoaib’s gives us the opportunity to help her during her clinical session for undergraduates students just as a dentist I began interacting and following up with students outside of the laboratory setting. It became my desire to see them succeed ignited their own motivation and eventual success. I gained a deeper, more personal understanding of the power of empathy. Every student is unique; therefore, the approach and teaching methods and techniques used by each doctor will differ. Also, we had the chance of attending the clinical days with postgraduate endodontics residents, and I got the opportunity to assist an endodontic resident in my 1st Endosurgery.

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