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My country Kurdistan has a natural resource and it’s a region Oil Essay

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My country Kurdistan has a natural resource and it’s a region Oil rich. With whopping 45 Billion gallons of Kurdistan Oil reserves. If the Kurdistan region government (KRG) autonomous region were a nation-state. It would rank 10th in the world for the largest petrol reserves.

One of my prompt aims from my career plans upon returning home is emphasizing my enthusiasm, previous professional experience and educational background skills in the petroleum engineering sector in the oil and gas industry in Kurdistan. My immediate plan is working as petroleum engineering in the oil and gas industry in order to develop my region to become a major oil producer in the world.

I would like to dedicate the next 5 years of my career to enrich my experience in petroleum engineering in the oil and gas field. My current short term plan is to be a senior petroleum engineering. And I would like to practice my professional skills in petroleum engineering in Kurdistan Natural Resource Ministry. I am also going to take SPE (Society Petroleum Engineering Certified and Join SPE organized managed.


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After 5 years of full experience in petroleum engineering in the field, everything was done practically. My career plan will be sharing knowledge, experience, and skills with petroleum engineering students at Oil and Gas Universities or Institutes as a lecturer. Not only I can sharpen my leadership and analytical skills, but also I will gain an in-depth insight into the researching methods. In the longer run, I see myself performing Excellence level. I am confident I can bring the students forward to my academic strategic planning improvement.

Furthermore, before some years ago Kurdistan has been occupied and devastated by dictatorship Sadam’s system. Hence my country needs professors and academics for developing and building up a stronger region with high and professional universities.

In conclusion. I am convinced that the Chevening scholarship in the UK properly provides me with deep knowledge related with my experience skills and educational background. And I will have the ability to become a successful petroleum engineering for corporate universities and government. Contacting UK expertise in petroleum engineering will help me to advanced the potential of our natural resource. Achieving the Chevening scholarship will enable me to learn and find out more skills in leadership and motivating others as it would expose me to world great leaders and other upcoming young great leaders.

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