My Childhood and My Favorite Fruits and Vegetables

If I start to think about which fruits and vegetables I prefer, I somehow always end up wandering in childhood memories. My favorite fruit is the guava and fortunately is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. It’s a tropical fruit, so it’s easy to find in Cuba, where I grew up. Guavas have usually this light green color similar to the leaves of the trees, although it may vary a bit after maturity, they tend to become more yellow, They are about the same size of an orange or an apple, but the skin is a bit soften The inside of the fruit is usually pink, but I’ve seen them white too, which it’s another type of guava, Oh! And the flavor, they taste delicious.

They’re kind of sour, but sometimes you can feel a light touch of sweetness in the pulp They have a lot of seeds in the inside but you can swallow them because they’re really small, and actually good for your digestive system.

I started loving guava in my childhood I used to live in a big house in Cuba, where we had several fruit trees, including the biggest and most beautiful guava tree in the area.

Every Sunday morning, we would wake up, pick up some fruits from the tree and go back to the house to prepare a delicious breakfast with guava juice. We also shared the fruits with our neighbors, who agreed with us in the quality of the fruits from that specific tree.

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There is a dessert in Cuba called “casquitos de guayaba” that people really enjoy It’s usually eaten in the afternoon. I remember my grandmother going to my house to pick up some guavas to make us that fantastic recipe, I would watch her and help her to do it, but I never actually learned, I believe it’s something about taking out the seeds from inside and boiling the fruit for a while I know that doesn’t sound as tasty as it is, I think guava is my favorite fruit mostly because every time I eat it, it brings back those wonderful moments. In Miami, I haven’t seen it that much, just in juice, and I really miss it. Every time I go to Cuba now, my grandma prepares the dessert, and it’s very easy to feel at home.

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