Music That Glorifies Crime

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Are the entertainers; the world loves, safe? Does rap music help or cause problems? According to Michael Delpleache of Hip Hop Gives Back, a youth empowerment organization, “teens are drawn to the fantasies of wealth, glamour, and sex appeal in rap videos. For teens in poor communities, rap lyrics speak to their current reality and their fantasies of escape. And like all forms of music, rap offers a creative outlet and a way to connect with peers.” (2018) Rap music, people could say has saved people or really influenced people from their music.

Should rap music be available to only older people or to everyone? Is rap going to stay the same forever or even make different types of genres mixed with it and should everybody be trying to become a rapper?

Why are rappers so involved in drugs multiple rappers who are very popular are not only promoting drugs are also doing them. Some people could say adults don’t like it because it might influence kids to do drugs.

For example, some very popular rappers that rap about drugs are, Juice WRLD, Kodak Black, Sheck Wes, Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, etc. the list goes on and on. Robert Preidt said, “These findings indicate ‘a shift from cautionary songs, such as those that emphasized the dangers of cocaine and crack, to songs that glorify the use of marijuana and other drugs as part of a desirable hip-hop lifestyle,’ Herd said. ‘This is alarming, because young children are exposed to these messages.

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I don’t think this is a story we as a society want them to absorb.'(2008) Rappers can improve their image by stop doing drugs but drugs are also is a huge staple in hip hop. Even though a lot of rappers have said they are going to stop Xanax because of young rapper lil peeps death. Some rappers that have died of drugs are, Mac Miller, lil peep, Fredo Santana and more.

Some rappers are really involved in guns either its using or just having them and are showing and talking about guns. Some rappers influence them to people either the rappers use them to defend themselves because a lot of famous people do get threatened so rappers want to stay armed just so if anything happens or they just want guns for their image. Some rappers who have been shot and murdered are, 2pac, Biggie Smalls, XXXTENTACION, Jimmy Wopo, and many more. Some people say that instead of having guns themselves their bodyguards should have them. People might notice that a lot of rappers have got shot but didn’t die are, 50 Cent, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Waka Flocka Flame, some more are Fabolous, The Game, Cam’ron, and more.

Should rap music be only be for older people or everybody? Some people might say they don’t want kids or teenagers listening to rap music because of the stuff they preach about. Lauren Napolitano said, Controversial music has always been a way for teenagers to rebel against their parents and to express their emotions. Going back to the days of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles, parents have long worried about their teenagers’ choice of music. Rather than attempting to control your teenagers’ choice of music, it’s better to look at the ways in which your teenager might feel like an underdog. Recognizing that your teenager may feel ostracized or frustrated at times is a great way to better to understand his or her life. (2015) Some might say that they do not wanting their kids listening to it because of the bad influences they give. Quite a lot of rappers nowadays are very young and teenagers and are sending out these influences. Some very popular rappers that are under the age of 20 are, NBA Youngboy, YBN Nahmir, Rich Brian, Lil Skies, Trippie Redd, and Kodie Shane, they are really big parts in hip hop having gold or platinum records under the age of 20.

These young rappers could mature into more of a better influencer they could me a huge deal in rap. Two rappers that some might say really matured are XXXTENTACION from being a horrible influence and having many run-ins with the law to donating to charity’s and wanting to spread positivity and help others. Another one people could say is Kodak Black from another teenager that had many run-ins with the law and was just a reckless overall now influences people to do good and is very influenced by god and is rapping a lot about god also. So, if these young rappers could mature like so they can become very huge and may be more radio friendly and fine for kids to listen to.

Some say that these crimes that these rappers are doing are ruining their image either just them or their race. Some rappers talk about things they do in their everyday life. Some others might think all black people or rappers are like that, but some really disagree. Other races probably think that most black people live in the ghetto and wear lots of jewelry and raps and has went to jail. That is not true at all and it makes bad stereotypes for black people and gives them a bad image. But some say that they are all true and they want to keep it that way. Laurel Rinehart says, Naysayers will describe it as explicit, glorifying depictions of violence- a general indicator of the deterioration of modern society. Those who subscribe to this view have fallen prey to the negative stereotypes commonly associated with black men in our culture. In doing so, skeptics are missing out on the culturally significant experience hip hop offers to those who are willing to put aside these stereotypes. I urge any readers who are still caught up in the mainstream portrayal of rap to realize where your inhibitions are actually coming from, cast your doubts aside and appreciate hip hop as the prolific musical and cultural movement it truly is.” (2018) These rappers could stop showing and putting out actions that are bad for their image.

Rappers are involved in drugs, money, guns and more. These things could be solved or kept the same. From drugs to guns and stereotypes these rappers could really mature and help the culture. Either its run ins with the law or going to jail. Rap music could be way different if most greats didn’t die then a lot of thing would be different but most of these rappers have had their murderers found. Some kids really look up to these rappers and it really changes peoples lives when they pass. Some rappers should just stop and rap about themselves and what they do everyday and make it interesting instead of riding a wave be different and make a new lane in rap. Don’t inspire to be like be different and special.

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