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Musa Jawara Essay

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Musa Jawara

Ms. Walker

English 10

An unfortunate tale

Not every person is a good person there can be something about them that’s very dark. In the story “the landlady,” written by Ronald Dahl, the character Billy Weaver was Introduced to the reader. A young business executive, Billy Weaver was traveling to Bath to start a new job and a new life But, little did he know an encounter with a stranger would change his life or perhaps end it. Throughout the short tale of the unexpected Billy will prove himself to be weak, ignorant, and na?ve.

First, Billy is confused on where to go and an accommodation to stay for the night, he is pointed in the direction of a cheap bed and breakfast by an older man. In time he reached a bed and breakfast where he was greeted by an old landlady who seemed quite nice. Like any decent person Billy went along with it. Surprisingly, Billy was very content knowing that he only payed one pound. Next, Billy went downstairs to check his name in on the guest-book after writing his name he noticed two familiar names he was very succinct to the landlady on who they were. Through all this the landlady answered to the best of her ability.

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Later, that day he was invited by the landlady to join her in a sit down with a spot of tea.

Eventually Billy noticed an inanimate parrot and dog and brought it to the landlady’s attention.

Then she replied with a quite grim answer ‘I stuff all my little pets.” Billy began to think that the

landlady was a bit dotty. After all this Billy managed to inform the landlady about the people

on the guest-book she said there lodged together on the fourth floor. Now Billy was puzzled with this implication in his mind. Afterwards he drank some tea to revitalize this effect, but it was a bitter deterrent that infringed his brain.

During, the chat with the landlady Billy started to feel rather ill. While Billy was not feeling

himself the landlady answered his recent question she said one of the guests was seventeen years old. As soon as she said that he remembered that she said the guest was an undergraduate he knew you had to be eighteen to be an undergrad. Due to Billy’s dilemma within his body and his tendency for curt retorts was tainted due to syndromes that he could not appease. finally, as

Billy is knelling he askes one last question ‘Has there been any one in the past two or three years

that have come here? “Holding her tea cup high she looked at him and said “No, my dear, “she retorted ‘only you.’

As you can see, Billy Weaver did prove himself to be weak, ignorant, and na?ve. He showed his ignorance when he heard the landlady’s dark replies to his questions. He proved he was weak when the landlady said she stuffs all her little pets and he did not leave. He proves himself as na?ve because he’s told to sit down by the landlady he’s a bloody grown chap he never asked for tea. Billy Weavers experience is proof that people are not always what they seem. But because of his very subjective thinking he built the blocks to his fate and suffered the consequences.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Musa Jawara and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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