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Murder of happiness by Friedrich Ani Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Crime

The fact that a family member comes through an act of violence killed one of the worst of all possible fatalities. The killer has wiped out not only the life of his victim, but that often also ends the mental existence of the bereaved, especially when he has robbed them of their child. Never again they can be carefree, never feel joy again, the loss will dominate their memories forever, determine their thinking and their actions. The perpetrator killed her luck.

describe detailed While most crime novels, as the criminal is planning his act and performs what his motives are and how the heroes of justice finally get on the track him dive the sensitivities the survivors (not provided even in the circle of suspects advised) usually only in passing on. Two policemen looking serious knock on their door, open to residents and guessed at once what to expect. Fade-out. . So the standard scene as visualized the “crime scene”

The multi-award winning crime writer Friedrich Ani now with “promotion side of the Suhrkamp publishing house to Friedrich Ani: “Assassination of happiness” “

the plot of the ultra-passionate, melancholy novel is atmospherically fits on a rainy day in November a Tanja Grabbe waiting at home for the return of her eleven year old son Lennard -.. but to no avail the child has disappeared, the mother solidifies. in itself, assumes, as if it were surrounded by a dense fog, the outside world hardly true Everything gets through to her -. knocking steps, a ray of light – they can cringe in fear and pain the author finds this phase of. uncertainty at the outset poetic, magical images: “from the reflection of the front door looked her a woman peeling contrary.” … “When the first snow fi el, only for them; She gathered the flakes in her apron and took her home. “…” Look, Mom, I’ve brought you tale. “<

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After thirty-four long days of paralysis and the enforced inactivity is the body of boy found in undergrowth on the Isar. A police officer stands in front Tanja Grabbe’s door to finish with the cruel news of the finality of death their uncertainty

. the messenger is Jacob Franck, was chief inspector for homicide and is retired Even during his active service he has undertaken to bring relatives sad releases, it did not, if it turns out the usual offered distance aside the ground destroyed Tanja Grabbe he has confidence his Christian assistance to…: “Would you like us to pray together?”

Former Commissioner knows from his own Vita, which the members of the crime must endure sacrifice. Many years ago disappeared his fifteen-year-old sister and was later found murdered. The news of his death plunged Jacob whole family into trouble, they were no longer up to the normal daily life again.

Since then, James Franck felt the “world of the dead” connected while the the living more and more alienated. This path might Marion, his understanding wife, do not share with him. But even after the peaceful divorce, the two stayed in touch, and awakens in the case of small Lennard, the Jacob most painful memories that good listener

takes sensitive content. The procedures to investigate the heinous crime remain in the background – favor haunting descriptions of how the sufferer to change mentally. They do not recognize themselves more in the mirror, her personality dissolves almost, they rush out of their former bright life into a shadowy realm, join their dead.

Tanja Grabbe is hard to reach for their environment. She joins into Lennards rooms, snuggles into his bed. What would it help if their investigators presented a murderer? But of the task force is still far away. A terrible storm has already gone swept all traces on the evening of Lennards disappearance, and none of the many local residents who were interviewed could give an indication, reporting a no matter how incidental observation.

But Jacob Franck can not rest , He wants to give, he must Tanja Grabbe certainty, and this he must find the culprit.

The way in which the retiree James Franck determined, is certainly far removed from the real hard life homicide detective. With patience and empathy he delves into the situations that places the action can quietly work their magic. Friedrich Ani gives its investigators the time, describes on pages finally found the mother of his victim something like liberation and salvation through the comprehensive process of its protagonists interact with the sensitivity, induction and intuition until he hat.Wird identifying the perpetrators at the end ?

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